Friday, March 25, 2016

Keeping Positive

Thanks to Skello, Leah, Cadmuss, Najy, and Fishcake, and the local storage place (10 by 30 O_O) we are staying very positive.  We have three plans now, two look very feasible compared to sitting on a kerb, but the housing in this area is like omg!  No vacancies.  Still, it is only spring, there is the summer exodus.

I had a minor heart failure the other day.  The brand new machine made a funky noise, then started looping everything on the bobbin.  I cut it all loose, tried again.  Same thing.  Did same.  Same result.  Finally turned it OFF, and then on again.  It makes a funky noise every time you turn it on.  BEE-boop-FWARK!  Apparently this is the machine getting a grip on itself.  The looping issue, completely gone.  Thank goodness!  It then stitched along beautifully again, along with the embroidery we are doing.

Hubby wants practice so we are, until we have to pack up, offering a small amount of FREE digitized embroidery on every order.

We will know well in advance when to shut down, and will finish up orders before moving. In the mean time we are sorting, making up our own clothing projects (forced to make up my mind on the pattern! do you have ANY idea how hard that is to a fabric hoarder!?  Take my toes, maybe a finger, but damn! *sobs* not my hoard!) ahem.  back to the post.

Sorry, had a moment there...A-NEEE-WAAAY, yes, we will know when to cut off any order taking and finish things up in advance, since the coffee maker and sewing machine will go into storage last.

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