Monday, March 21, 2016

Here we go again. BAD NEWS

This might seem garbled because I am tired beyond crawling mentally and emotionally.  We got the annual rent hike notice today.  I was expecting 20 to 25 at the least, which we could probably squeek by most of the time.  They socked us with 100, well over my husband's SSI amount and he is getting the maximum.  I usually bring in an average of 60 to 70 a month.  If we keep our electric bill down and with our low cost cable for the internet, that is all we can do for extra groceries, with EBT.

When my husband had his stroke, we had to move fast, and could not wait for the housing people to take three months to get back to us.  I had to sell everything including our wedding bands, and then the car had to be fixed and now it's broke again and a major repair we can not do ourselves.  I have it registered as non running and in the garage until I might have had the money to fix it.  We have 2 more months at the current rate, and I can probably get together the June rent, but after that, we are done for.  We would need 160 a month more to make it.  I could look for a job, but after 2010, there were no jobs in the area, (I am over educated according to everywhere I have applied since 2010) and I need to be home every four hours to take care of my husband, plus time off for his appointments.  I could probably arrange to leave him longer, but he is not happy with the idea of IHSS after the trouble they gave us.  They basically told me don't worry if we loose our apartment, they could put him in a nursing home and I could live on the street.  California.    I think things have changed since then, from what I hear, but we are still very not happy with them.

The worst thing is, even if I do manage to come up with an extra 100 a month, I was told when I called to try and negotiate, the owners want to raise the rent again as soon as they can, until it is up to local pricing.  A 1940s appartment complex with major issues all around, going for luxury brand new pricing.  We wanted to move to low income housing when he had the stroke, but that did not happen, but now our car is dead in the garage, and we have no savings to fix it, let along put a down payment hold on a new apartment.  Plus there is the cat.  So we are pretty stunned and flailing. 

So, we have two, maybe three months to find a new low income place, which would frankly wondeful, because we would then be able to live on our income, but we need to deal with all the agencies, trauma and coming up with all the extra money to get the car running and pay for Uhaul people to help us move IF we find a place.  And the waiting lists are harsh.  Two married people are not "a familly". 

I was kind of thinking this would happen a few years from now when we had recovered a bit more.  The rent has always gone up about 20 to 25 before, not much of a problem. But there are going to be a LOT of people in the same boat around here.  Six months and then another hike, then another.  The owners are dead set on this.  I was told to just give my 30 day notice now, actually.  They said if we didn't find a new place, we could go month to month, but you know what, you give notice, they have always refused to let people stay before, so I don't trust them.  And I know our deposit, pet money and all will never come back our way again.

So, we will see.  I have a back up last ditch plan from Dec 2013, but that actually involved getting evicted and hanging onto the rent money to buy storage, when the car was running, and we had a bit of savings that went down the drain fast.  We would like to NOT deal with an eviction even if it means being homeless for a little while, but I do worry about the cat and how the hell we are going to survive that, so yeah, Here we are.

I am going to contact every and any agency in the mean time and do everything we can do, and maybe we will get lucky.  As before, I will keep working on customer projects right up until the last possible moment.  We plan on donating a lot of items to the animal shelter thrift store and they pick up.  And I am planning on putting all my doll's clothing up for sale on Etsy.  If we can pack itin storage, it will go to storage, because everything is temporary and even if we have to wait, we still have our SSI and EBT and will get by somehow. 

Sad story, but there it is.  I hate to say it but we have a bit better chance because my husband IS disabled.  Gotta look on the bright side of something.  We got through what we did before.  It really broadsided me mentally, and I was just getting everything back together again, the new medication is really helping my energy levels and thinking, but here we are.

As I said, we are still taking orders right up until we need to start packing.  But if we make it through this time, in eight months, the rent will be hiked again. 


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