Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hancocks Fabric Going out of Business

I was supposed to go yesterday, but got backlogged by phone calls, and then did not want to be drowned in the rain.   Today I got out and got packing tape (whoo hoo!) and priced handtrucks (we need a serious one) and then went looking for the chiffon for Cadmuss' Fairy.  Hob/Lob had dark purple, but she had requested the soft purple, so I went across the street happily to Hancocks, certain THEY would have what I needed, and even with out a coupon, I could deal.  

It has not been the best 8 days so far. DOOM.  Hancocks had the right color, and it was on sale, but they had a 2 yard limit, so yeah...lots of purple chiffon, but they are going going  gone.  That means the only other fabric store for miles is Joann's  and they are not the happiest place on earth for me.  I have too many times been told that fabric listed as on sale was NOT on sale, and darned tired of their bait and switch tactics. 

I have learned to hate shopping online, and will pay the extra for samples, but even so, by the time one gets the sample, the bolt is gone or the sale is over.  Denver Fabrics is my go to, but they charge a shipping fee that is rather high and do not like paypal.  So yeah, sort of further bummed out.

 I am behind on things  that would normally befinished in one day last week, but have to keep stopping to answer phone and Hubby calling me to look at his online search or the embroidery work and the dishes are looking at me funny (the dirty things!) and the cat is having nightmares in his sleep which is not something one would think would happen.  Serious nightmares, where if you wake him up he wakes up fighting for his life, hissing and snarling and claws out.  So yes, things are sixes and sevens and twas brillig and this momrath is outgrabed.

So the calls to low income housing have been sorted, we found out IEHP covers Riverside as well, and we have a back up plan of sorts, and progress will be made, so hopefully we will fit into a sane routine after this week settles down.

 Failing that, I will butter the clocks and fall back on speaking French. 

I am seriously thinking 1900s gown with all that left over chiffon.  There is a seafoam green gown in the Frank Langella Dracula that I fell in love with and I think I might make it up for EID or SID and put it up on Etsy.  If you have not seen that version of Dracula, do.  He isn't as bishounen as he was in The Twelve Chairs, but day-yam, (fans self). 

Blogger hates my RCA Voyager tablet, it keeps skipping all over the screen and I have to keep poking my curser into place.  

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