Friday, March 25, 2016

Commission: Cadmuss' MSD Ren-Fairy

Just a quick listing for now, but the order is in!  Will go shopping for fabrics monday.

With embroidery on the corset, arm bands and collar/shoulder bit inspired by this example:

And the finished outfit on her doll!  Isn't she a pretty one?  First photo I have uploaded from this tablet, too!

Here is the best color photo of the dark for the lace up parts and the chiffon.  It reads blue in some photos, but it is lilac purple, with the dark being a very deep rich purple.  I need to test out the pattern for the embroidery still, the day just ran away from me!  So much time on the phone!  I will have that and the trim for lace up ASAP.

April 11, 2016

With everything going nuts here, I have yet to do anything for a week on this.  Now that things have settled down with the plans to move out, I can focus again. 

April 13, 2016

And we are finally settling down to packing/sewing.  Here is the stitch out of hubby's fairy embroidery design.  It's in very light silver on the dark purple.  I am sincerely hoping to have the outfit done and ready to go next Wednesday.  But we all know how that goes. O_o  And no rush to pay if time is needed when the time comes.
The picture is huge for a good look, just open it in a new window.

April 21, 2016  Not yet.

The past week has left me so exhausted, I decided I'd rather fall asleep in the DMV line than at the sewing machine. The dress needs pressing at the top and hem, the dk purple bits need a bit of hand finishing, and when the sleeve pieces are together and laced on the doll, I will trim the hem to fit and hem them off.  The way the dress is made will allow for multi size fitting, as requested.  The shoulder/collar piece will hold up the sleeves, the underbust corset will belt the dress in and voila, fairy gown.  

April 25, 2016 Finished!

I have taken the photos to show how to put the garments on.  The sleeves have an arm hole in the top, where it is attached to the lace up band, so you have to slide the sleeves on, then pull them up a little and then lace them up. If you have a pair of rounded end tweezers, like the long kind used to thread sergers, they work great for dressing dolls.  Do not use a pair that has sharp points.  

1. pull on the gown which has an elastic top from the feets up. 

2. with the laces open wide, pull the underbust corset down over the dolls head.  

3. Adjust the dress layers in pleats and arrange so that the top is not so poofy,
but keep the seams on the sides,and lace up the corset.
You can lower the front as much as you like,
the corset will hold it in place.  

4.  the shoulder thingie has a hook and eye, and a chain decoration.
You have to slide this over the head, then basically dislocate the
arms to put them in the armholes (Ouch)  I know this is no biggie for a doll, but ouch anyway.

5. Slide the arms into the chiffon armholes and then pull the chiffon
up to the the top of the laces with a pair of tweezers. Lace
up the armbands

What it looks like from the back.  
I realized that the cool thing about this outfit is that it allows for the attachment of wings.  Mei4Life on Etsy has some beautiful ones!  

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