Friday, February 5, 2016

Only Doll Face Up: Arita

I had to run back and forth a few times to the doctors office today, (this one is only a 20 min walk and hubby was stuck there for HOURS) and between runs, I managed to get Arita's face finished.  You'll have to forgive her wig, it needs serious restyling and her face is made up for the darker color one I plan for her.

 First, because she is a natural yellow skin, I patted her down with a base of dryish white acrylic on a wrung out damp sea sponge. Basically just like putting real make up on.  Close up, it has a speckled texture, but it actually gives her a more natural complexion, I think. The Mr. Super Clear I had been having issues with when I first got it is fine now, for some reason.

I found my other acrylic paints pretty much dried up in the tubes after 2 years with no use and decided to use the water color pencils and pastels I have.  I am not an artist.  There was a lot more taking off of paint than putting on.  I need a tinier brush, and maybe not such a rush job on this type of thing.  After I rescued hubby from the mad doctors, I went to the local Sally's on my way to the store and got some gorgeous lashes for $5.  Since one human pair does two dolls, worth it, though I usually buy them up at Halloween when there are tons on sale for a buck a pair.  Once I got to a certain point, I quit.  So here she is.  I may add a bit more pink in the lips later.  I have this thing about not putting too much on, then fixing it later.  After I look at the doll for a week or so, I know what needs to be done.  Especially after she gets the wig I plan for her.

I think next time I buy MSC, I will get the matte, she came out really shiny. More so than usual. Maybe that is the result of the can being over heated.  Other wise, it sprays on nice and misty and stays on.  I had to pick a gnat off her forehead and scrapping it before respraying didn't cause a domino effect with the spray around it.  You would not know the blasted bug had committed suicide there.  

And day four, the foam sueding is still holding great.  She stood right up, no problem.  I am just too tired to do anything fancy with her pose for now. And I still need to get a fresh bottle of Gorilla Glue because that one finger just keeps snapping.  The other two are on solid.  The only thing that drives me nuts is that long neck.  That's going to get the hack saw soon.  And when I have the patience, I will work on her red/brown wig.  I grabbed my other problem dolls and sueded them with the foam, too.  No more spinning legs for one thing.  It's so embarrassing to constantly go hiking up skirts and down pants to find out how the heck a leg got turned backwards, and my most constant offender is the doll that oozes shyness.  Am I the only one who apologizes to my dolls?

You can't really see it, but if you look to screen right, between the two sewing machine covers, there is a strip of bias tape dangling.  This is because my darling pussy cat has a new 'thing'.  I had to tie a pair of scissors up so that it catches under the foot of the machine when I am working.  Rather than smack drink coasters and place mats off the tables now, he is obsessed with throwing everything on my sewing table, and the nearby book shelf into the sewing trash can.  I have found my little scissors, spools of thread, my pin cushion, my retractable tape measures, bits of doll clothing, people zippers, you name, it.  I sat there the other day and watched him systematically throw stuff away.  I blame this on the Husband.  He throws his empty pill bottles away from across the room, and Tama runs and looks into the trash basket to see what went in. So now, not HIS toys, just MY toys go in the trash can now.  I had the cell phone on the shelf waiting for a call, went to get something, and came back.  An hour later, phone rang, yep, buried in the trash can.  Good thing I don't toss the can until a project is complete, and from now on, I go through it first.


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