Saturday, February 6, 2016

More Only Doll Face Up Work

As expected, this morning I got up and knew what needed to be done.  First, a sponging over of matte Liquetex gloss toned her down a little more.  Then I put a little more pink pencil where she needed it.  I have to say, and Hubby (who would like it if we all ran around like 40's movie stars with shiney red lips, eeeugh) agrees, the little black dots at the corners kinda put us both off.  I put light brown on my dolls but that is about it.  And I stole a wig off one of my barbarians, well, actually a forest Kami, and she does look much better with out the old rat trap on her head.  She has that anime thing going, or human barbie look, which I am conflicted about.  She can wear the more outrageous anime clothing, I think, and she makes a good match between Jiji and Karen.  I have to dress them up and take a photo, but face wise, they look like a nice group, which is important in modeling.  I think the cold weather is messing up the old glue because two of her fingers were off this morning.  I'm going to make her a fake medical brace at some point and then use it later to hold them on while the new, fresh glue sets.

Hubby says she has Ferengi ears.  I'm still going to shorten
her neck a centimeter.  Maybe I will pin her ears back, too.  Slice them off,
sand them a bit, glue them back on.  

The Safrin Doll 'Lily Pad' eyes are so pretty.

Testing the weft I will eventually make a wig from.  It should finish
at bust length.  


  1. What a difference a wig makes! It even visually shortens that neck. She is going to be so cute when you are done!

    1. I know, she looks un-PC vapid in the blond while the guy doll wearing it looks dead serious. The dark makes her look a bit more vivacious, but then she was painted for that wig color so that might be it. Color effect on psychology for stage, makes me over think things. I will have to lightly baby powder her for photos from now on, though. That MSC being super heated that summer seems to have really done a number on it. But yeah, the neck has to go. At least a CM lower.



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