Sunday, February 28, 2016

More Custom Embroidery, SD Size T-Dress

I needed a sample t-dress for the Etsy shop listing so for weekend creative time, I got busy.  Because I had pink thread on the machine (I am test running the first of the flapper dresses for this project) I got out a pink scrap of t-shirt and decided I would try something Eastery.

We are still learning what the digitizing program can do, and making the layered double sakura was pretty easy. Just make one, copy it off, resize and blip blip blip, flowers and petals everywhere in minutes. So this is the first in a series of spring florals. I just need to figure out how much t-shirt knit to buy, and what colors to pair with which flowers.  A lot of them will obviously be kimono and yukata inspired.  Not too sure about lettering in such a small range, though I have looked into buying a pre-programmed set. So far in test runs, we have illegible signature type stitch outs in anything smaller than the smallest font on the machine (Kiki's t-shirt).  It was amazing how it mauled my company name, lol!  You'd think the program had a medical doctorate in brain surgery.  Open the photo in a new tab for a close up, as usual the images are large for inspection.  

And everyone is fighting over the pretty new dress, so yeah,  I really do have to make at least two more and then one for Kiki (MSD) and Sakuranbo (YoSD) and then line them all up for a family photo.  The guys can wait.  

Arita who couldn't even stand up before, is still posing beautifully.
The foam stuff is still doing it's job quite well.  I still don't trust
her to turn my back on her though.

Jiji.  Put clothes on her, plunk her on a table and she chooses her
own poses.  I never get over being delighted with her sense of balance and obvious joi-de-vie.  Too bad Dragon Doll
messed up their bodies after the first gen, because she literally just does this on her own.

Next weekend I have to finish my own dress, on the dummy for like four years now, then I will get busy on the embroidery projects for fun, unless someone wants to order something special.  I do save all my designs, so this particular design is ready to go on any color SD size t-shirt or dress.  

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