Friday, February 26, 2016

Digital Embroidery Project: Daisy's Robe

One of the main reasons besides Cats (cats with guns! O_o) I love Lackadaisy Cats is Ms. Butler's attention to detail and her luminous time machine artwork.  Even the blasted bricks on the walls she draws glow with this inner 'timey-whimey' thing.  I don't know how to explain it, but there it is.  I saw this robe in one of her more recent comics and thought, oh yeah, I needs that.  THAT is going to be the first MAJOR digitizing project for the new machine.  Oh, the heartbreak (and thread break) but we finally got the learning process over with.

Open in another tab, it's quite large, for better comparison

The Japanese kimono influence on the 1900s to 1930s is what I went with, since that seems to be what Daisy is wearing in the comic.  I haven't got a pair of 1920s wide legged pjs so Arita is just wearing her default house dress under the robe.  The mother of pearl button is from the 1900s, I have a few left from my Grandmother's button box.  They were on a card, but it disintegrated.  It showed a lady sewing dressed in clothing from about 1914, and had four buttons on it, one removed. This seemed like the perfect project to put one on.  I was having a 'bad photo' day, and finally gave up and just went with what I had gotten. I blame the new BP med.

I went with this gorgeous rayon in old gold, and a crepe de chine (poly) lining that matched the embroidery thread.  It is happily luminous.  Unfortunately, so is the wall, the wig, the doll's face, everything is so shiney.  I gave up.  I still need to get the new Gorilla glue for Arita's hand.  

I also set up a custom t-shirt, t-shirt dress embroidery listing with a range of pricing and sizes on the Etsy shop.  Link!


  1. oo, I like the back of it too! What a pretty color!

  2. It's heck to cut though. I read a blog that advocated spray glueing on the pattern pieces or using wax paper ironed on. Real slithery.


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