Friday, February 12, 2016

Commission: LilsGirl Iplehouse Girl SID/EID

I'm not sure what the size is on this yet, but here is the fabric LilsGirl sent for her next project!  Some very interesting Japanese fabrics here along with tiny sequins and embroidered chiffon.

April 5 2016

I just have to put the button hole on the striped and golden plaidish type kimono jacket, but I keep getting over tired and not wanting to mess it up.  I have to just do that, dress up my SID girl and get photos, but at the moment, I am tied up with calling all over the place for our move out.  Every day, I say, today I will do this, and then I get phone calls to deal with, and today I wrenched my back tripping over a packed box of books, so yeah, most likely tomorrow, I will sit down and do it, because I am not going anywhere with my back this iffy.  So, soon.

I am going to have to ship all the fabric back to the customer at this point, so it will not get lost in our stuff, and I am so disappointed in the whole situation, because Lilsgirl gave me this beautiful sewing machine and now I am going to have to put it in storage for who knows how long and I could just cry.     The very day we were sitting there congratulating ourselves on how good the business was going to be with the new machine and hubby having nailed the embroidery design program in our computer, we got the rent hike and we know we can not make it for more than a few months.  Right when my business was really hitting stride, we lose the roof over our head.  I can only hope that we get into housing sooner than the 2 year wait list we are going to be getting on next week if all goes

 April 11, 2016

I put the lace skirt on my SID girl yesterday and whoops!  The net lining is pretty but yeah....So I need to whip up a seperate slip.  Lots to do this week toward the move, but I will get this done THIS week.  

April 12, 2016

Finally!  Yesterday was a very long day.  18 miles on my bike.  Not willingly but what you have to do, you do.  So, today I got the doll dressed up and photographed.

First is the box constructed wrap blouse, and tiered lace embroidered skirt with a burgundy slip under it. The slip is separate, but I found out it is much easier to dress dolls if you put the clothes together, then on the doll.  Like shirts into jackets, then on, and so forth.  The tiered skirt has an elastic waist band with a snap.  The blouse was made from very little fabric, and in a style I had not seen the back of, so it is a bit poofy in back, but standing back and looking at it, I think Fashion will allow for the lack of technical construction.   

Those darned green sneakers! LOL!

Then is the boxy kimono jacket.  The inspiration looks like this.  I believe the grey to the side is the same cut.  Very primitive box kimono-like.

With the amounts of fabric I received, I was able to do this.  It has a bit less sleeve, but there you go. It goes really nice with the skirt in a bo-ho way.  Once again, the back sort of gets me, but the doll did not have a blouse on so it was sliding all over her skin.  If the fabric had been a tiny bit wider, I think both the jacket and blouse would have been more like the original inspirations.  

This is all paid for and will be shipped back along with the unused fabric.  Hopefully I will have that solar battery construction thing in the time I am budgeting for once we are on the road and no longer spending money on rent.

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