Sunday, February 28, 2016

More Custom Embroidery, SD Size T-Dress

I needed a sample t-dress for the Etsy shop listing so for weekend creative time, I got busy.  Because I had pink thread on the machine (I am test running the first of the flapper dresses for this project) I got out a pink scrap of t-shirt and decided I would try something Eastery.

We are still learning what the digitizing program can do, and making the layered double sakura was pretty easy. Just make one, copy it off, resize and blip blip blip, flowers and petals everywhere in minutes. So this is the first in a series of spring florals. I just need to figure out how much t-shirt knit to buy, and what colors to pair with which flowers.  A lot of them will obviously be kimono and yukata inspired.  Not too sure about lettering in such a small range, though I have looked into buying a pre-programmed set. So far in test runs, we have illegible signature type stitch outs in anything smaller than the smallest font on the machine (Kiki's t-shirt).  It was amazing how it mauled my company name, lol!  You'd think the program had a medical doctorate in brain surgery.  Open the photo in a new tab for a close up, as usual the images are large for inspection.  

Friday, February 26, 2016

Digital Embroidery Project: Daisy's Robe

One of the main reasons besides Cats (cats with guns! O_o) I love Lackadaisy Cats is Ms. Butler's attention to detail and her luminous time machine artwork.  Even the blasted bricks on the walls she draws glow with this inner 'timey-whimey' thing.  I don't know how to explain it, but there it is.  I saw this robe in one of her more recent comics and thought, oh yeah, I needs that.  THAT is going to be the first MAJOR digitizing project for the new machine.  Oh, the heartbreak (and thread break) but we finally got the learning process over with.

Open in another tab, it's quite large, for better comparison

The Japanese kimono influence on the 1900s to 1930s is what I went with, since that seems to be what Daisy is wearing in the comic.  I haven't got a pair of 1920s wide legged pjs so Arita is just wearing her default house dress under the robe.  The mother of pearl button is from the 1900s, I have a few left from my Grandmother's button box.  They were on a card, but it disintegrated.  It showed a lady sewing dressed in clothing from about 1914, and had four buttons on it, one removed. This seemed like the perfect project to put one on.  I was having a 'bad photo' day, and finally gave up and just went with what I had gotten. I blame the new BP med.

I went with this gorgeous rayon in old gold, and a crepe de chine (poly) lining that matched the embroidery thread.  It is happily luminous.  Unfortunately, so is the wall, the wig, the doll's face, everything is so shiney.  I gave up.  I still need to get the new Gorilla glue for Arita's hand.  

I also set up a custom t-shirt, t-shirt dress embroidery listing with a range of pricing and sizes on the Etsy shop.  Link!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Commission: LilsGirl Iplehouse Girl SID/EID

I'm not sure what the size is on this yet, but here is the fabric LilsGirl sent for her next project!  Some very interesting Japanese fabrics here along with tiny sequins and embroidered chiffon.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

More Only Doll Face Up Work

As expected, this morning I got up and knew what needed to be done.  First, a sponging over of matte Liquetex gloss toned her down a little more.  Then I put a little more pink pencil where she needed it.  I have to say, and Hubby (who would like it if we all ran around like 40's movie stars with shiney red lips, eeeugh) agrees, the little black dots at the corners kinda put us both off.  I put light brown on my dolls but that is about it.  And I stole a wig off one of my barbarians, well, actually a forest Kami, and she does look much better with out the old rat trap on her head.  She has that anime thing going, or human barbie look, which I am conflicted about.  She can wear the more outrageous anime clothing, I think, and she makes a good match between Jiji and Karen.  I have to dress them up and take a photo, but face wise, they look like a nice group, which is important in modeling.  I think the cold weather is messing up the old glue because two of her fingers were off this morning.  I'm going to make her a fake medical brace at some point and then use it later to hold them on while the new, fresh glue sets.

Hubby says she has Ferengi ears.  I'm still going to shorten
her neck a centimeter.  Maybe I will pin her ears back, too.  Slice them off,
sand them a bit, glue them back on.  

The Safrin Doll 'Lily Pad' eyes are so pretty.

Testing the weft I will eventually make a wig from.  It should finish
at bust length.  

Friday, February 5, 2016

Only Doll Face Up: Arita

I had to run back and forth a few times to the doctors office today, (this one is only a 20 min walk and hubby was stuck there for HOURS) and between runs, I managed to get Arita's face finished.  You'll have to forgive her wig, it needs serious restyling and her face is made up for the darker color one I plan for her.

 First, because she is a natural yellow skin, I patted her down with a base of dryish white acrylic on a wrung out damp sea sponge. Basically just like putting real make up on.  Close up, it has a speckled texture, but it actually gives her a more natural complexion, I think. The Mr. Super Clear I had been having issues with when I first got it is fine now, for some reason.

I found my other acrylic paints pretty much dried up in the tubes after 2 years with no use and decided to use the water color pencils and pastels I have.  I am not an artist.  There was a lot more taking off of paint than putting on.  I need a tinier brush, and maybe not such a rush job on this type of thing.  After I rescued hubby from the mad doctors, I went to the local Sally's on my way to the store and got some gorgeous lashes for $5.  Since one human pair does two dolls, worth it, though I usually buy them up at Halloween when there are tons on sale for a buck a pair.  Once I got to a certain point, I quit.  So here she is.  I may add a bit more pink in the lips later.  I have this thing about not putting too much on, then fixing it later.  After I look at the doll for a week or so, I know what needs to be done.  Especially after she gets the wig I plan for her.

I think next time I buy MSC, I will get the matte, she came out really shiny. More so than usual. Maybe that is the result of the can being over heated.  Other wise, it sprays on nice and misty and stays on.  I had to pick a gnat off her forehead and scrapping it before respraying didn't cause a domino effect with the spray around it.  You would not know the blasted bug had committed suicide there.  

And day four, the foam sueding is still holding great.  She stood right up, no problem.  I am just too tired to do anything fancy with her pose for now. And I still need to get a fresh bottle of Gorilla Glue because that one finger just keeps snapping.  The other two are on solid.  The only thing that drives me nuts is that long neck.  That's going to get the hack saw soon.  And when I have the patience, I will work on her red/brown wig.  I grabbed my other problem dolls and sueded them with the foam, too.  No more spinning legs for one thing.  It's so embarrassing to constantly go hiking up skirts and down pants to find out how the heck a leg got turned backwards, and my most constant offender is the doll that oozes shyness.  Am I the only one who apologizes to my dolls?

You can't really see it, but if you look to screen right, between the two sewing machine covers, there is a strip of bias tape dangling.  This is because my darling pussy cat has a new 'thing'.  I had to tie a pair of scissors up so that it catches under the foot of the machine when I am working.  Rather than smack drink coasters and place mats off the tables now, he is obsessed with throwing everything on my sewing table, and the nearby book shelf into the sewing trash can.  I have found my little scissors, spools of thread, my pin cushion, my retractable tape measures, bits of doll clothing, people zippers, you name, it.  I sat there the other day and watched him systematically throw stuff away.  I blame this on the Husband.  He throws his empty pill bottles away from across the room, and Tama runs and looks into the trash basket to see what went in. So now, not HIS toys, just MY toys go in the trash can now.  I had the cell phone on the shelf waiting for a call, went to get something, and came back.  An hour later, phone rang, yep, buried in the trash can.  Good thing I don't toss the can until a project is complete, and from now on, I go through it first.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Year Resolution Project: Soom-Only Doll Hybrid Arita

When Fishcake was nice enough to send me a Soom Super Gem girl, we both knew she was a problem child.  I tried sueding her with hot glue, padding her with moleskin, wires, everything.  Each time she was great for a few hours, then flopsy.  In an effort to make up my mind which skin tone to paint my Only Doll floating head,  and because I need her to model for the Flapper Project, I tried one more time.

This time I used something called Silly Winks, (who makes these names stuff up? It is neither silly, nor winking) that I got for insoles for the doll shoe project.  I found it at Hobby Lobby.

At first I was thinking, what about styrofoam sheeting, the stuff you wrap things to ship in?  But having like an idiot just thrown a bunch out a day or two earlier (never throw ANYTHING away, darn it!)  I thought, hey wait a minute, the foam stuff?  Maybe?  

So I grommet-ed her up, hips and arms and then ankles.  Gorilla crazy type glue has lasted almost seven years and is just now getting a bit goopy, but it worked to hold the foam in place.  I put strips in where the socket was most gaping on her hips and shoulders, and on her ankles which are not Soom ankles or feet.  

Two days later, check it out! The foam compressed a little, but it is still working.  This is free standing, with a pair of non-Soom high heel feet.  From default rag doll to faking aerobics is pretty good. 

The only problem was I had fixed her later at night then I should have been fussing over something and stood her up on the dining room table.  When she stood nicely for more than a whole minute, I turned to get the camera, only to hear that heart stopping sound (hey, great test for the new BP medication!) CRASH!  She hit the glass table top like a brick.  The only thing that broke was her fingers. I really need new Gorilla glue because while Ciel has had his finger repair since 2009, I had to reglue her fingers 3 times now.  And I need to fill in a little gap on the underside of one finger when I get the more runny new bottle.  After glueing, and a few days a light sanding gets rid of the glue shiney and you will never know they had broke.  

Before sanding excess glue off.

Now for the head.  I have been trying to figure this one out for two years now.  Do I paint her to match the Dragon Doll body, do I paint her to match the SID caramel body?  Do I paint her to match the Soom?  I am finally going with the Soom, because yeah, caramel, serious color mixing there.  I want to de-stress at the moment.  

So here is the original head (company photo)  An Only Doll Zhou Yu from Mint on Card.

She was going to be Karen from Tiger&Bunny but since Fishcake gave me the PERFECT Karen, Zhou Yu is now going to be christened Arita. My plan is to do her up like one of my unobtainable (too small) dream dolls, the Unoa Zero Marion.  I basically fell in love with her sweet face, and seeing her again in the Dolly Bird books recently made me more determined.  According to Den of Angles: "Although highly sought after, Unoa Zeros were not produced in large numbers. Alchemic Labo sold its production rights to Hobby Japan, and sale of the Zero are subjected to sporadic magazine pre-order periods as dictated by Hobby Japan." So yeah, like that is happening even if I win the lottery. O_o 

Unoa Zero Marion

A close up of the Alchemic standard face up found on the net:

I believe this is a magazine scan. Found on Google images.

The head I have has a more pointed chin and narrow, almost smiling eyes, so I opened her eyes just a little bit for that wide eyed look. After she's been sitting around for two years with nothing on her resin, and being handled constantly, as well as her head cap test dyed (fail!), I took the precaution of swishing her in some mild soapy water and letting her dry out 24 hours first.   This morning when the wind died down, I gave her a good spray with Mr. Super Clear.  

Now for the fun part. When Hubby was working for the tow company, they got cars that were to go to auction, either from dealer trade ins or rental companies changing out their fleets.  For what ever reason, people left stuff in them that when contacted, never collected. Mainly DVDs, phone chargers, and stuff the police had to be notified about.  Anyway, in one car, there was this beauty stuffed in between the seats.  So when it went unclaimed, Hubby called dibs on it for my dolls. I cleaned it up and tossed it in the bin for laters.

Very pretty auburn brown hair totally a shame to waste.  So once again, I am going to make a wig.  It is long enough to cut in half, re-weft the bottom half and make the curly up do pony tail wig I love on the Unoa Zero girls.  Let us be clear: I hate making wigs.  Hilarity will ensue.

So, there it is, my 2016 project of doom.  A total make over for a girl of parts!