Sunday, January 24, 2016

Oh Look, Sunshine

I hope the worst of the bitterly cold weather is over for us here, and all we have to look forward to now is drenching rain.  The sun is finally on the back of the flat where the cat can loll in the window and soak it up, instead of sleeping all day under a fuzzy throw blanket.

Hubby is now confident enough with the program to be able to do our own embroidery design programming for BJD size clothing.  We can work in a 4 x 4 inch space and that actually covers a heck of a lot in BJD land. There will be a lot more examples besides this (designs already in the machine) up on DA as soon as I get time to make them up, starting with a few t-shirts.  Pricing will depend on individual designs.

We have tried free samples from a number of digital embroidery places online in the learning process and were not happy.  Our finding was that too many stitches per mm makes for a stiff mess of thread all jammed into a tiny area, and with no ability to alter the design other than by size, even the smaller designs were uselessly over laden.  Either this is why the designs were free, or the companies need to rethink their concept of 'sample' if they want people to buy their designs with confidence. Based on this experience, rather than say 'buy what ever you like from X and we will stitch it out for you', we prefer to do our own design programming, and only on doll clothing items we make.  This also allows for custom trim, which has put me off making this outfit for Karin (Tiger & Bunny).
I can do the ruffles, no problem, but that brown and pink trim is nowhere to be found, and baring either micro-piecework applique, hand embroidery, or fabric markers and paint, it put the project in limbo.  Now I can just program up the design and slap it on her hat and skirt, no problem!  

My latest (and late) tutorial is yet another attempt to solve the mystery (to me!) of shoes for larger dolls.  You'll find it here.  Proceed with caution.  The wet weather meant not only did the paper clay but the glue took 2 to 3 days to dry, and I think it also added to the fabric just wilting on me even with layers of stiffener ironed on.  But it's a darned good start.  I will adjust the pattern again and try again later.

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