Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Commission: Anandoll's MSD WithDoll, Trench Coat and Shirt Dress.

This is for a WithDoll MSD girl, one plum color classic trench, and a peach shirt dress with cap sleeves and full skirt.  Etsy order, deposit paid.  Estimated less than listed 6-8 weeks.

To see the full pictures, go to Anante's DA Gallery.  
Pretty sweet art.  I'm already liking the comic.  
Jan 25, 2016
Waiting on the Buckles for the trench coat belts.  I had a difficult time matching the fabrics, and went with the closest I could get in the poly cotton.  I hope these suit.  The safety pins are holding the buttons.  Nothing has been pressed yet, and the little bits of paper stabilizer are on the collars and things, but at this point, I said yeah, photo!  

Feb 12, 2016  Finished!

I had a little issue with the button holes, because my machine thinks a yard and a half of thread is 'empty', bless it's digital heart.  (Grrrr!)  I had JUST enough of the color thread on the spool to make the button holes on the trench coat, and probably should have switched machines, but yeah, hand sewing did the trick. And the Singer machine makes very different button holes, so hand sewing was the best way to go.  2 button holes, *head desk*  Next time I suck it up and go buy another spool of thread.  

The buckles are a tad large, but the next ones down are Barbie sized, so I have to just take a deep breath and let it go. 15% off the customer's next order, multiple items or single as long as it is in one complete order, because A, the delay in the buckles order, and B, the hand sewn button holes mixed with machine.  

Open the photos in another tab to have a good look, they are 8 by 10-ish.  

I translated the art work as being a tie back, because with the waist
band in front, unless it had a back or side opening
(accurate for a 40s and 50s era shirt dress) it was going to be a pain to dress her.

I am pretty sure I see pockets in the art work.  If there are no pockets,
you are also imagining the ones you see here. ~_^

The back vent actually does measure up, but laying it flat on the ironing
board is not the best way to show how something hangs on a body/doll.

I know I got all the chalk off with my trusty damp tooth brush (sewing only!)
so what the heck with the random shine?
So there it is, ready to go when the customer is ready!  ^_^ 

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