Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tutorial: Making Knitting Patterns

I recently started the season's knitting, this time for dolls.  A customer requested an Aran sweater, and I took the challenge, along with knitting a 1960s Chanel-esque suit for my SID medium bust Karen.  This lead to a tutorial.  It's really quite easy to make knitting patterns and avoid charts altogether.  It also points out how zoftig the Iplehouse girls are.

Tutorial is on this page on BJDCollectasy.
Karen hates her sneakers and is now the subject of the NEXT tutorial as well: How to make shoes.
This is going to lead to something horrible I just know it:
 "I want shoes for every outfit.  Perhaps 2 or 3 pairs.  Don't just sit there staring at me, get busy!' 
  For now, I'm still fighting with the collar for the Aran sweater, (always, always no matter what, three times I have to unravel and try again) but this is a busy week and when I have time to sit down, I'm usually exhausted and rather numb from nearly being killed in traffic by people who are now not only on their phones, but stressed out over the holidays.  Yesterday ONCE AGAIN I was nearly plowed down in the cross walk by a fool on a phone.  He had the unmitigated gall to grin at me as he nearly killed me while running the red light while making a left turn!   No one follows the rules any more because no one enforces them.

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