Saturday, December 5, 2015

Review for Customer: Skello's Teeny Body Doll

Okay so I'm late on this, and shame on me, but it's that time of year!

Read this part real fast like a radio commercial!
Skello owns these dolls and they are just temporarily at my place along with his other dolls, for their custom clothing orders.  All the dolls and their accessories are bought and paid for by Skello and are his sole property, should there ever be a question   They will be stored in a separate bin marked properly.   The only 1/6 girl doll of this type I have and own is a Volks 1/6 Dollfie for reference.

 The package showed up a week ago and I've been putting it off until I had the sweater finished, but the sweater collar has to be re-done, darn it!  So I got the box down today and opened it.  I must say, I was surprised after the plastic hang bag gals had shown up to see 1/6 dolls in their own boxes.  

After shaking the well packaged box to get the boxes to slide out:

 Very nice boxes, good for storing the dolls in.  If you're a BJD fan, you know what a good box means.  Sweeeet!  (okay we are weird, moving along!)

Nicely packed and shock of shock!  HIGH HEELS COME WITH!  Not only nice ones but they are slightly separated from the foot so that they can be masked off and painted properly!  Not sure if the foot actually comes out, but hey, who cares!  SHOES.  I rather like her hair.  And the fact that she can wear a wig or the pre-molded hair.  Her face is very sweet and beautifully done, no slap on mis-shots on either head. I don't think it would take a total face redo to change her make up and her look.

Obitsu vrs Teeny.  Her legs look more natural in themselves.  So they would look nice in shorts that fit.  The body texture is nice, too, no slipping around of small clothing.  Her legs and arms are still plastic but the texture is pleasantly tactile, and would not resist clothing either.  I would be wary of unwashed dye laden clothing though.  

In some of the photos online there was some alarming gapage under her bust piece.  It's just a matter of pushing her chest plate down into place.  And look, she has a bum, unlike Obitsu. >.>  Who has basically no butt, because of her leg joints.   

I haven't got time to play around with her too much, but I did like the way her joints move and the potential for posing.  She's back in her neat box for now.  ^_^  The shorts did not fit.  I didn't try the t-shirt on her either since it was specifically tightened to fit the Obitsu, whose chest is smaller.  Over all, she's a cutie.  Very anime correct in the face.

We're gonna need a bigger  boat  pattern. 
I think the sweater will be fine on her.  It's loose right now because I've only sewn the shoulders together to get her collar made.  The collar that now needs six more tiny stitches added on to the length to fit properly. I like her knees, too.

And the defiant beast of a sweater.  The collar will contain the stretched out neckline, no worries.  I just need to make it longer.  

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