Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy (Politially Correct Phrase Here) and Year End

I have been going with Saturnalia for a few years now.  It is, after all, the oldest version of the whole thing.  Buy presents, feast friends, family and workers; nine months later, population spike.  Oh, those Romans.  In Japan they do about the same thing, with the cake being strawberrys and cream instead of that humble ancestor of the pannettone or fruitcakes.  It's more like a third Valentines day when you have a special dinner with your family or best beloved and god help you if you don't show up, because it seriously is another Valentines day.  Protests are currently being held by disgruntled men in Tokyo who have no one to give chocolates to and eat cake with.  Holidays.  

After what looked like an omg moment, we're okay again.  I still have to argue about my self employment income with the Government to continue My health insurance, but Hubby is just fine, despite it being based on MY self employment, too.  Go figure!

 I want to thank everyone who has been so nice to us this year and the years before.  Seriously, we would be in such a bad place without the doll community.  I can't say much right now, but a wonderful person made the whole two years go away with a present that was better than a ferrari or a diamond necklace.  I keep tearing up with emotion, and it's hard on the handkerchiefs.  I have been in a state since Monday morning when it arrived.  I actually took it out of the box this afternoon and just touched it a bit, LOL!  No, it did not disappear.  The cat has gotten used to random squealing. 

Every year, I try to plow some money back into the business and was able to purchase (thanks to the horrible exchange rate for the Yen to the USD) another doll sewing book.  This one is for the super small dollies.  I was debating it, but with everything going well, got the thing for less than 17 bucks (including shipping!) from CDJapan (birthday points!).  Seriously, this thing is going used for 30$ in country.  I still need to make up my mind about the smaller doll work, but it is coming slowly along.  The main problem seems to be the fabric poking down into the machine's feed dogs and work arounds for that.  So the book is very much looked forward to, and on back order, because there has been a real run on it!  And it is a reprint of an out of date book, just like the Beginning Dolly Coordinate I got mid-year.

So, with this wonderful wonderful new thingie, (SQUEAL) I am hoping that my little business will expand in the coming year, and it would not be anywhere without the people who have had faith in me to sew their doll clothing, put up with delays and I hope, really love the clothing I made for them.  Thank you, so very much!  

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