Saturday, December 5, 2015

Commission for DVD: Venitu and David Western Coats

For David and Venitu, one buffalo coat, one range duster without cape, one gambler's vest, and one pair of dk blue jeans.  Deposit paid.

I've never seen buffalo coats before, so this was a surprise to me.  I always knew about leather and blanket coats, but never buffalo.  What the heck history books, fail much?! O_o   I should imagine they came in quite handy! They were everything from neatly sheered to all out hairy, using different parts of the fur to create different effects.

Center of the West collection
The low scoop of this style vest is very good for making a man look broad shouldered.
This is a vintage hollywood costume from Ebay listing.
 Dusters came double breasted, single, caped and un-caped before they evolved into the modern trench coat.

Buckaroo Bobbins Pattern  image

January 2, 2016

I have the coats cut out and now I am just waiting on the muslin test for the vest.  The jeans have been sent to save some later postage.  I hope they fit as nice as the pattern has before, every denim has a mind of it's own and this stuff felt softer, despite being the same weight.  The faux fur coat from China had just enough fabric to make the buffalo coat with a bit of piecing.  I don't anticipate it being visible, because I was surprised to find pockets in the coat when I cut it apart.

February 01, 2016  Finished!

OMG the hairy coat of doom.  I could not find ANY toggle buttons that were under 1/2 inch long, even though I have seen them before, so I improvised with round ones. They can be changed out later when something new is found.  The new sewing machine has had it's first fail.  It says it has a button hole setting for thick furry fabrics. I had to finish the button holes by hand, the foot would not move back and forth properly, alas, not even with all the tension fiddling.  The neat thing is, I actually got button holes in the fur.  Granted, half hand sewn, but yeah, I gave it a shot and it worked!

First, the vest, with working watch pockets.  The customer sent the fabric for the vest, and the fur coat.

A basic Western Duster, with a back split for horse riding and big pockets for I dunno, big guns or something.  

The fluffalo coat has a collar and lapels in there somewhere, ^_^, but yeah, furry. I wonder if the Buffalo coat was the forerunner of the Raccoon coat so popular in the 20s?   My cat had issues with this coat.  He sat there and growled at it every time it was out.  

There are pockets, they are just seriously lost in there.  The collar folds down as it should, but the under lining shows in this photo

And the buttons and holes. 

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