Friday, November 20, 2015

Commission: LilsGirl, an SID Fur Jacket

Paid in full with credit for next item.  Customer sending faux fur, lining included in cost.

This is to be a short fur coat/jacket, with slot pockets, double breasted for that full lapel along the lines shown.  Customer concept photo from Pin It:

The whole teddy theme, the only word you can use is 'kawaii'. 'Cute' just doesn't have the emotive impact implied by the 'relax and fun' aesthetics Japanese culture pioneered.

Dec 7, 2015  Finished!
  I would have finished yesterday, had I figured out any way to press the lapels back without putting a book on them over night!  The time honored whacking it with a hammer (flattening denim welt seams) couldn't tame the beast, but keeping it under a nice heavy set of books will eventually set it.  I wouldn't steam or iron it, that's a huge no-no with faux fur.  Ready to ship tomorrow on the way back from the doctors.

The pockets aren't too deep, but they work! 

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