Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Another Year Almost Gone!

With the cool weather making it much easier to live, I've been working on a few personal projects lately that I haven't been able to find time for since my hubby had his hemorrhagic stroke.  A 1950s dress from yukata fabric for summer that's been in and out of the box for 2.5 years now.  I might actually have it for next summer! I've also been working on the projects for the December BJDCollectasy tutorial.

Just to be on the safe side, I'm taking Tama down to the Animal Shelter today for the free chipping clinic.  He's not going to be happy.  Cars will be pulling over thinking a fire engine is going by or something.  Yow-yow-myow! for a mile in his little stroller, all the way up and back, and my possible death from embarrassment.  You'd think he'd enjoy getting out for a ride when he hasn't had one for so long, but he's forgotten what it's like to sit and be chauffeured.  We'd just feel better knowing that if for any reason he were to be let loose outside, we'd have some hope of getting him back.  He's not an outside cat.  I'm convinced he's agoraphobic, really.  Bad enough when we got a new carpet four years ago he would do anything but walk on it for a whole week.  I'd put him down and he'd just go 'SPRONG!' right off it again.

I've two long term projects, the aran sweater and the one-zero vest, and other than that, I'm waiting on two promised projects.  And while I've had to decline another 1/6 non-BJD project, December and January and anything after that are wide open.  I'm also going to mark down items on the Etsy shop to as low as I can sanely go. SD one size fits most cotton dresses and tops with a tie string belt for 15$, and the denim shirt dress for 20$, plus shipping.   Please consider commissioning something special for your ball joint doll.

20$ on Etsy

Shirt or Shirt dresses 15$ on Etsy

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