Friday, October 2, 2015

My Laptop Has Died

It is an ex-laptop, it has met it's maker, it is no longer even nailed to the perch.  Sort of sucks because I had the tutorial for October mostly bashed into place, and I believe I have all the photos I wanted saved, because it's been acting senile for a week now, and I had backed everything up, but damn.  Ah well, it was dying for YEARS, which is why we have the desk top, but still OMG SCREAM!  I'll have to remember everything and get the tutorial done in time for the post!  

Anyway, now it's just a  matter of true love (hubby shares the desk top despite his TV show addiction) or else.

Right over my first cup of coffee, too, darn it.  Anyway, I'm going to get the tutorial work done and in the snail mail to BJDCollectasy and then get back on track with the sewing that's been so interfered with this past hot miserable month.


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