Monday, October 26, 2015

D.V.D's Cowboys

D.V.D. sent me the photos of his David and Venitu (DollShe Craft) in their full cowboy outfits and they are so CUTE!  (Okay, manly men and very handsome.)  D.V.D. took all the photos and I'm just the seamstress, kay?  I'm so impressed with the layout and staging.  The sheepskin jacket is D.V.D.'s work along with the tooled leather pieces and omg the proportions of the guns and riffles and everything!  So perfect!  And I'm in love with that bench.  So a tribute to the Old West, complete with foamy beer and fancy town going duds!  ('Duds' being old slang for clothing.)

So, if both dolls are modeled from Roman statuary, does that make this a 'spaghetti western'? ^_^  I love how David out Pauls Paul Newman.  The amazing wigs are from

Customer quote: "What's best about the jeans are they do not ride down when sitting and they fit the waist perfectly. I have spent way too much money on crap jeans but your ride just right I wish you had a tiny label that says Raj ...."       I'll have to try that!   

Also, Customer sent the photos to DollShe's Gallery!  ^_^ 

More photos under the Cut!  Original order post here.

I just had to make a 'fixings pouch' of tabacco because back then,
people who smoked rolled their own. (Tobacco was actually considered medicinal for lung issues! O_o)
 I found out in research that the only thing
that changed over time was the tobacco got pre-cigged and put in a box, the
weight amount and packaging are about the same as the old pouches! 

Open the photos in a new tab to see the amazing work on the  leather details.

Venitu is a real heartbreaker.  I can see him diving off the porch roof onto his
horse most mornings after he's hit town!  

Cheers to DollShe Craft for their fun choices in models! And many, many thanks to D.V.D. for allowing me to assist a little in some pretty amazing works of art.

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