Monday, October 26, 2015

D.V.D's Cowboys

D.V.D. sent me the photos of his David and Venitu (DollShe Craft) in their full cowboy outfits and they are so CUTE!  (Okay, manly men and very handsome.)  D.V.D. took all the photos and I'm just the seamstress, kay?  I'm so impressed with the layout and staging.  The sheepskin jacket is D.V.D.'s work along with the tooled leather pieces and omg the proportions of the guns and riffles and everything!  So perfect!  And I'm in love with that bench.  So a tribute to the Old West, complete with foamy beer and fancy town going duds!  ('Duds' being old slang for clothing.)

So, if both dolls are modeled from Roman statuary, does that make this a 'spaghetti western'? ^_^  I love how David out Pauls Paul Newman.  The amazing wigs are from

Customer quote: "What's best about the jeans are they do not ride down when sitting and they fit the waist perfectly. I have spent way too much money on crap jeans but your ride just right I wish you had a tiny label that says Raj ...."       I'll have to try that!   

Also, Customer sent the photos to DollShe's Gallery!  ^_^ 

More photos under the Cut!  Original order post here.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The "I'm Too Busy Sewing To Update" Update

The things you find on the internet by accident!  This is an industrial quilting machine from the looks of it.

I'm just about ready to wrap up a pile of sewing and update posts on orders.  Cooler weather, lots less thyroid problems, more sewing.  And at some point this month, we have to get the hubby up to the "vampire shop" for another tap of his veins.  I hate the days they do his cholesterol draw. NO breakfast, no coffee, it's like dealing with a lion with a splinter in his--ahem, well, anyway.  I'm taking a thermos this time.  Yes, the hubby is a Leo. Crazy cat lady much?

Edit: Nearly forgot!  BJDCollectasy has posted the first of my two tutorials on Greco/Roman costumes.  The owner is doing her dolls up as Demeter, Persephone and Hades.  It's the time of year that exemplifies the story behind the myth, as we're at the end of the agricultural cycle.  Everything you think you know about Bridal Traditions comes from Demeter and Persephone.  Also if you want to just toga up for Halloween, here's how to do it right! 

Friday, October 2, 2015

My Laptop Has Died

It is an ex-laptop, it has met it's maker, it is no longer even nailed to the perch.  Sort of sucks because I had the tutorial for October mostly bashed into place, and I believe I have all the photos I wanted saved, because it's been acting senile for a week now, and I had backed everything up, but damn.  Ah well, it was dying for YEARS, which is why we have the desk top, but still OMG SCREAM!  I'll have to remember everything and get the tutorial done in time for the post!  

Anyway, now it's just a  matter of true love (hubby shares the desk top despite his TV show addiction) or else.

Right over my first cup of coffee, too, darn it.  Anyway, I'm going to get the tutorial work done and in the snail mail to BJDCollectasy and then get back on track with the sewing that's been so interfered with this past hot miserable month.