Sunday, September 27, 2015

Well, Our Super Moon was a Dud.

So pretty much everyone on our block was going to go out and look, because we usually have the moon so bright it keeps people up nights even without the super part.  The minute the sun was going down and the eclipse was going to be in full swing, huge black clouds rolled in.  Despite the fact that it was 95 today and is going to be 95 tomorrow with no chance of rain.  I'm going to check after posting and see if San Bernardino or Riverside is on fire or something, because wow, we couldn't see a thing, when last night the moon was this huge silver glow thing lighting up the yards around here.

Dinner is late, hubby is irked and yeah, we're going to look it up on YouTube tomorrow.   But I did find out some interesting things about my little cheap Sony camera that will come in handy later.  It has all these settings I had no idea were there (no instruction book ANYWHERE for this camera).  The weird thing is, when I aimed it at my dolls with the automatic AI setting or whatever, it only picked out Jiji's face as being that of a human.  I tried aiming it at the other dolls, including my visiting Soom big guy (he's sort of rooming here, but he's not a dead beat, he's paid his rent more than once!) and the camera didn't focus on a face, but Jiji is a 'human face' every time.  How weird.  She's sitting with the Soom idealian guy, and the lovely Karen SID (forgot her sculpt name) Fishcake sent me, and my little MSD Kiki, and it only thinks Jiji is the human, even when I move her around.  I'd take a photo but it doesn't capture the little square in the picture, and I can't take a picture of the back of the camera. O_o  And my camera can do Bokuh, I had NO idea.  It has frames in it, too, apparently.  This after 4 years.  

Blame it on the Moon.  

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