Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Organizing: I Has It

So despite the heat, and it's POURING today, I've been trying to keep up with my "let's finally move in" plan.  We've reached the storage room that is our Bedroom.  Every Sunday, we pick a task and Marie Kondo'd the dresser drawers this Sunday.  This left space in the closet that pretty much sent us into shock. Wow, we can SEE the back of the closet.  That can't be right.  I put a rod on camping rope and made a quickly removable double hanging area in the middle for the folded pants and things, and was organizing that when Mr. Curiosity woke up from his post breakfast food/play like mad coma and saw "Le GASP!  OMG OPEN CLOSET!" and jumped the 10 feet from the bed top to the top shelf in the closet, scrambled and achieved self insertion into yet another place he should not be and could then not get out of of.

Now you too can understand what your cat has been typing: http://speaklolcat.com

Note my saved stacks of boxes in the top right corner that are going for drawer organizers and fabric covered shelf drawers.  We let the little devil sniff around for a while then ignored his plaintive mews for a while longer just to teach him a lesson.  Finally I got the step ladder and extricated him, only to get my palm clawed because naturally, having nursed him from two weeks old and covered in more fleas than fur, to a strapping healthy 7 year old, 15 pound cat with never a day of no food in the dish or the box not cleaned, and letting him know every time I leave the house that I will obey all his mewed complaining (he has a fit, I get a lecture every time!)  the total spoiled little prince, I would like--drop him on his head or something?  I don't know, but let's just say, he has trust issues.

Did he learn anything?

No.  This morning I opened the closet to get my clothes out for the day and BAM!  Launch!  I left him in there for half an hour with the cheap plastic sliding doors closed this time.  Tough love.  Was he repentant? Not a bit.

And then there's making sure he's not buried in the basket of 'too far gone for even thrifty make and mend clothing' pile before I throw it out.  (We have enough cleaning rags now, I have to just let it go! but--but--it's a SOCK!  Men's white cotton socks are awesome for cleaning cloths! and Gardening mitts!  And car dusting, house dusting, window cleaning, mirror polishing, silver polishing (who has silver any more? *sulks*) but yeah, I have a sock problem, okay I get it!)

So, it's freaking pouring today and I have to go shopping.  Have to.  On a bike.  Hello flash flood warnings.  Sure beats blacking out from 100 plus heat, though.  The good thing is, as one friend pointed out: No gators.  But I must have thread and out into the storm I must go.  Good thing I can swim!  O_o  We live 6 blocks from the hospital and the sirens have been going all morning.  Small whispered voice: "Californians can't drive in rain."  Lucky for me, I'll be on the sidewalks! 

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