Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Is It Fall Yet?

We're suffering through another high heat warning yet again.  I've spent the past week patterning for all my current customers, and am just about ready to put paper to fabric and get the cutting started.  Then I have to sort out what thread colors to buy and how much of what I have in stock to get started.  It's just damned difficult to even think of going outside shopping in this heat.  It's 80 Fahr by 8 am.  And being a BJD owner, I keep obsessively checking for any signs of heat discoloration on my gang.  Kyou being the one I worry about most, because he's the shiny white (now ivory) one with the weird sparkly resin. It's like highly compressed styrofoam or something, and feels nice.  I don't know what kind of resin it is, but Dream Realm has probably changed since using it.  Funny how his changeable sets of ears are still super shiny white but the rest of him has yellowed.

I had to order some .000 knitting needles (sock set of four double pointed) to make the Aran knit sweater for the Obitsu girl.  'Dolls House' just came out with an issue for October and they had a pattern for a 1/12 aran knit sweater and my mind just went "Oh Hail no!"  However, the needle size made me look again.  Because the last time I went small knitting needle hunting, I got a set of Size 1 USA sock needles last year from Hob/Lobs (2.75 mm) and was told they didn't go any smaller.  Which is obviously Hob/Lob's manufacturing problem, they didn't have them any smaller, not the rest of the world.  So yeah, funny how things happen like that just in time to answer a pressing question.  They go down to .0000 !  So yeah, you don't have to knit with sewing pins for something this small.  Thankfully the sweater I'm making is twice as big.

Sweet Crafty Tools has the very fine sock needle sets of four in varying sizes for a very low price compared to some places, unless you want to throw money at Amazon. Which I don't.

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