Monday, September 28, 2015

Den of Angels is Moving Their Forum to a New Thingie!

For those of us who sort of blip over the forum most of the time lately due to that thing called "Reality" which I try to avoid but keeps biting me for attention (hey I play with dolls for a living, get over it!) let us remember that not all site migrations, web site moves, server changes or whatever go smoothly.  Frankly I doubt there has EVER been a smooth move in HTML, and I dare you to prove it!  I've been keeping an eye on this for months now and it looks like time's up!

SAVE YOUR DEN OF ANGELS PAGES!  Download copies of all your important Den of Angels stuff, and PHOTOS, because as the post on Migrating shows, they are dropping things right and left due to formatting differences in the forums, AND as we all know, when you move, a box of stuff is always sacrificed to the gods of moving!  Also if you're like me and locked out of half the old photo sites you used to post photos from, Den of Angels might be the only way to get those back.

Just go read the post!

Oct 18 Edit: I like the looks of it so far, too!  But I saw it when it was just beginning to get itself together.


  1. I havent been on there in over a year so I am sure I couldnt even log in anyways :( I miss getting together for doll meets, but I do not miss the frenzy of buying it caused me LoL !

    1. Yeah, that's basically the reality part. I tip-toe into BJDCollectasy now and then, and it's like OMG, DOLLS! land mines, and it's hard, so hard.


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