Sunday, August 2, 2015

Volunteer Orientation at the Animal Shelter

So, this morning while hubby slept to his usual 8 am,  I went for orientation at the Upland Animal Shelter. (Blurry eyed and one cup of coffee.) Our shelter has been a no-kill shelter for years, and people keep taking swipes at it in the local newspaper op page, saying it's not profitable and things like that, and that it should be outsourced to a commercial company, and I'm wondering WHY?  What the hell is the interest of anyone who thinks an animal shelter which provides a good service (safety, anti-crime, health conditions) to any community should be profitable?  I can think of places where there is no service but the vultures and scavengers, seriously people, third world much?  Probably the same type of people who think it's a great idea to send out bills for attending church.  Now volunteering isn't going to pay the water and food bills, or the taxes for the property and all that, but surely there are people who can donate more to a no kill shelter than "kill 'em all to save them from us" places like PETA. There were over a dozen of us newbs this morning to sign up for volunteer work, people of all ages, guys and girls.  And finding out last week that the City cut so much out of the budget is not a happy.  

Before I had only been in the foyer of the two older locations, but the new shelter is the first one I've been in the guts of and I was very impressed. The shelter is obviously worth every penny of the money put into it.  My family has cattle.  Diary on one side, beef on the other.  The facilities were as clean as a dairy, not like some of the other shelters I have been in. It's rather military like in it's set up, very professional and the care is obvious.    All the facilities are meant to be easily cleaned, all the animals we saw (and we saw them all) were in comfy cages with blankets and toys and cleaning is 'as you go' in other words, don't let it pile up for a certain scheduled time.  I've been in commercial  shelters where it was once a day if the animals were lucky.

The shelter doesn't let out any adoptions without the animal being neutered.  It used to be you got a half off discount when you went to your own vet and had the op performed before the animal hit 6 months, but now, you get a "pet ready" pet for a most reasonable fee.  Shots, health care, socialized to people, and its little pants altered all for a price much lower than you would pay with the old cumulative vet visit process.  You can get your pet 'chipped' there, too for a low fee or I believe free on certain days, but that might have gone with the last budget.  The animals are cared for by veterinary students, which is awesome, these animals are all very well cared for and the students get to learn from live animals who need them. The shelter also allows for volunteers to foster care for animals that are not so healthy but need peace and quiet.

So, I'm trying not to be very upset and I do really want to do the volunteer work, but the idea of bonding with animals that might be headed for the gas chamber (which was not at all in the picture when I started this thing) is hurting.  But on the other hand, things can change for the better.  And if they do change for the better, I may come up with the 52$ for the background check to continue volunteering after my 20 hours are used up.  I seriously need to get out of the house for something besides sitting around doctor's appointments.  It's like a doll meet, only with cats, (and dogs, which I like just as well, but sort of blip over).  Frankly, I need to stop having long conversations with MY cat and go talk to other cats.  Yeah, that sounds sane.  Not.

Or, I may end up hording a hell of a lot of cats, but I'm trying not to think about that, because that's just crazy. *twitch*  Tama is tolerating this business of his helper monkey taking off only so far.  Then it's death to every power cord in the house!

Anyway, back to sewing doll clothes before it gets too hot in here.  We need to find a cooler place to live, this place is an oven by noon time, and the AC bills just can't cover it all.

Hubby's eyes are starting to look like people eyes again, btw.  But we did take lots of horror movie monster photos for the album.

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