Friday, August 14, 2015

Commission: Cadmuss22, an Azone 50 Girl outfit

This is an Etsy order, half deposit paid.  Hoping for a finish target of 10 weeks or less.  The original outfit is for a Dollfie Dream, so it wouldn't fit the Azone girl (5 cm shorter and some width difference as well.)  Customer is loaning a perfectly fitting outfit as well as measurements, and I have Dollfie Dream patterns to alter down to Azone size.  ^_^

I'll go shopping for the fabrics next week when the hellish heat is off.  >.<;;

Aug 29, 2015

I got the fabric Tuesday and finally got down to the patterning today.  I'm traching my commercial Dollfie Dream patterns and adjusting them to the Azone 50 girl size.  I'll preshrink the fabric this weekend and be ready to start cutting out next week.

Sept. 11, 2015

Finally the heat wave is going to break next Monday.  Okay I have a check on the jumper pattern before cutting out.  (yeah, plans delayed by life again, good thing I have a 10 week projection on this!)  Going by the measurements of armpit to waist on the Azone company made blouse, and then putting the waist band of the company made skirt at that measure and the top of the jumper at 5.5 cm from the waist, it looks about right. I've folded down the top seam allowance on the paper and the front might be a bit too long, but this is patterning, not finished. It looks like the pointy bit is about an inch below the skirt hem on the sample outfit, but I need to get to a certain point to have a look for myself.

I have to say that out of the few company made clothing I've seen, Azone stuff is beautiful.  Judging by the clean edges on the seams, they have a laser cutter!  The seams are actually sealed in some cases (non-natural fibers do that) and the workmanship is gorgeous. I would say Azone is Haute Couture compared to the other companies.  The Iple House stuff I've seen, does not compare to Azone.  Straight stitches, minute details, lovely stuff.  Finally a company I would actually buy clothing from myself.  If I had a doll they fit. And I would be willing to buy and alter to fit.  

August 27, 2015

Everything is cut out and going on the sewing machine, starting with the shirt ruffles, which are insanely small.  I've used Fray check on the edges, I have to stitch them and then clip off the excess.  I'm also thinking that I need to order one more zipper for the lighter blue jumper, since is has a back opening now rather than the front. I decided the front would be too bumpy and recut the back accordingly.

October 21, 2015

I had a bit of a sore throat this past few days and glitched a few very simple things, damn it! but today I corrected everything and have a progress report.  I should be ready to ship things out Monday.  We have two appointments this week, so I'm factoring that time. >.<;;  The blouse has been done for a week now.  I decided to go with snaps under pearl beads rather than buttons, because of the thickness of the fabric with the ruffle seam under it. Naturally it still needs a good pressing, but I wash everything before the final press so why blow the electric bill?

The skirt came out odd the first time because of bias factors in the pleating, (basically destroying the space time continuum crossing the beams or whatever, bias can be a pain!) and this time I temp stitched down the pleats, so that looks messy but it will come out when everything is finished.  The jumper would have been done today if I hadn't caught my mistake.  The white 'vest' was too wide in comparison to the photos because the doll is a small bust not the large bust Azone, and I remember thinking I'd cut the jumper fronts down as measured once I had them together, but didn't down size the white vest part.  *eyeroll*.  Anyway, will be done in a few days.  I still need to cut out the little cravat and find a nice bead for the broach.

Oct. 29, 2015 Finished!  

I noticed after I took the photos that it wasn't just my eyes acting up, the bead was definitely out of line, despite measurements.  Probably the angle of the thread holding it kept it off center.  I fixed it after the fact.
So there it all is.  I don't have a doll this outfit fits on, my MSD Kiki is a bit too broad in most areas and stacking it all up flat made it look like a pile of laundry with all the frills pushing things out of the way, so
I'm going with flat photos individually.  

A bit blurry in the late evening, but white never comes out right for me.

I fixed the bead after I had taken the photos and wrapped everything up
without taking another one.  Doh!  But yes it's fixed.  ^_^
It was a brilliant idea of the customer to send the Azone Brand blouse, it
really helped me position the shoulder straps and everything.  
Packet up and ready to go along with the loaned Azone blouse and skirt!  I remembered to put in the extra ribbons to trim some socks with for her as well.

Nov 11, 2015  Customer photos!
Cadmuss22 sent me some quicky photos of her Dollfie Dream/Azone girl in her new outfit!  So CUTE!  

Such a CUTIE!  I sent the ribbon for Cadmuss to put on the
socks and they look PERFECT.  It's so much more inexpensive to buy
than make socks by the way.  The shops that sell socks do a great job.
I can't always get that 7 or 9% lycra cotton in my area.

The Dollfie Dream heads really look good on the Azone bodies.
The proportions are wonderfully Anime.  

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