Thursday, July 23, 2015

Update On the Surgery

Hubby came through his surgery just fine.  It's just that now he needs audio books for a few days, is going nuts and yeah, a bit of a pain in the arse.  But he didn't 'stroke out' again on the anesthesia, which has been our main fear (and was not helped by the warning they gave us before the surgery.)  Plus, I had been told that I could wait at home, (it's only a 15 minute walk) but then was stuck for 6 hours sitting on my hands told not to go anywhere while they took forever just to take him in to surgery and 6 more while he recovered, but we had a book to read to him so he wouldn't go mad. I went insane trying to be all brave and not panic, which I would have indulged in at home to get over it, (and thrown myself in house cleaning or sewing to pass insane time.)  The poor cat was probably ready to hire new helper monkeys since we were away from home so long.

Now Hubby looks like Dracula after a night on the town and an attempted exorcism gone wrong.  The incredibly blood shot eyes and bloody tears are 'normal'.  I have to keep telling myself that.  Basically they stitched his eyes back in and sitting there while the doctor adjusted the sutures after 4 hours, and not being able to have a look at the sewing job drove me nuts. Let this be a lesson: wearing a helmet doesn't mean s**t when a car side swipes you on a motorcycle.  This is something that happened ages ago showing up now (progressively ruining his eye sight).  The accident literally knocked his eyes loose in his head.  He'd had a mild concussion at the time, but everything considered, this is from traumatic head injury.

Now I'm wondering what else they'll find wrong with him, this insurance thing is 50/50 good/bad; with full coverage, the doc's always finding something else wrong with Hubby that needs to be done RIGHT NOW, OMG! .  Me on the other hand, "You need anti-depressants!"  GRRRRRRR!

And there is SOMETHING scrabbling at the wall between us and the garage this morning, I woke up at 4 am with the cat fussing and I thought he was chewing the cords to the computer or something, but he was on one side of the room and the usual "i'm chewing cords, get up and feed me" noise was on the other side.  SOMETHING is in the garage scrabbling at the wall board, a mere two feet from our pillows, and I'm expecting it to work it's way through if this keeps up. It's either a lizard, a mouse or a bird that's got stuck in there, which they do.  It's small and scrabbly and not making vocal noises.

We saw the most fabulous full sized and immaculately clipped and groomed poodles yesterday being socialize to the hospital as service dogs, they looked so LUX!  A full size poodle (they used to be stag hunting dogs!) is a beautiful animal, they move like a ballet dancer.  But the super poofy head pompom sort of spoils that, *snicker*   Fashion wise, yes, Style, I'm conflicted.  The dogs, they don't care!

Enough babble, more coffee and back to work. O_o Finally, I can get BACK TO WORK!


  1. Yay for work! And yes, this is why I wouldn't want to ride a motorcycle--you can be the safest rider on the road but you share it with fools. I hope he recovers easily! (I bet you have starlings in the wall if there is a vent--we had them in Riverside.)

    1. About twelve years ago, he got right turned over by a jerk one night who thought he'd make a right turn across a motorcycle going straight with the street lights just because the bike was smaller than the car.

      I don't know what it was, but it went quiet about 2 in the afternoon. We expect an Odor eventually. >.<;; It's inside an external wall that used to be in the carport and is now in the neighbor's garage. If it had been making any sort of vocal noises, I'd have taken a chisel to the wallboard. My guess is mouse from the recent empty field tilling.


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