Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Slowly Slowly Getting Ready for the Eye Surgery

I don't know what the heck is up with our Doctor's office, but last week when I went for MY check up, I confirmed my hubby's pre-op physical.  So yesterday after hiking up there (omg my leg muscles hurt) they say "What appointment?"  So we had to sit there from 9 am to 1 pm.  >.<;;  Waiting to be fitted in.  So much for having an appointment.  Second problem.  "We can do the EKG and Xray here"  "You're sure? O_o" "Oh yes!"  "You'll do the EKG AND the XRay there?"  "Yes!"

Guess what?  No, they can't.  *SCREAM!*

So I sat there and called the hospital where he's got a Pre op check up tomorrow as well, THEY will do the EKG and Xray.  Thank goodness!  I didn't want to push 230 pounds another 2 miles to sit around and wait for the work at the lab.  Starving much!

So yeah, I'm slowly catching up with customer projects, but working like a pack mule drains me big time.  It's no use taking a bus, it's the same distance to the bus stop as it is to the hospital, and the bus doesn't go to the labs we have to go to without more hiking, so why bother.

Saturday morning around 3:30 am I got woke up by neighbors drunk or drugged being too loud.  After asking them to STFU I get hauled out of bed again by YOW YOW YOW.  Stray cat.  So from 3:30 am on, I had to listen to this sweet little barely 2 month old tortoiseshell/calico tell me all about how she wanted to get out of the carry case and take over my house, terrorizing my little guy, and me worried about fleas and finally got to walk up to the animal shelter (down the street from the hospital) with her to turn her in at 10 am which left me dead for the day.  We can't afford the big bucks she would have ended up costing with vet bills, additional apartment pet deposit, etc., but damn, I wanted to keep her, because she reminded me so much of our Meimei, who was in agony from arthritis in her spine and had to be let go in 2011 after only 13 years.  But she had a very good life for a kitten thrown out of a car in the crappy gang ridden area of Santa Ana.

Our Meimei, much missed.

So I decided that since I couldn't donate much of anything (though I am going to make an X-mas basket of cleaning supplies according to a needs list they have over the next few months) I decided to volunteer for the shelter and got my "show up for orientation" email today.  ^_^  It's the first weekend of the month, which puts it well after the hubby's eye surgery, so we'll see.  I'll post more on that later.  It's an all volunteer run no kill shelter and they just skid past being outsourced to some evil corporation or worse, PETA the animal genocide people, and doing such good work.  

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