Thursday, July 2, 2015

EH? It's July? O_o

I've kind of fallen off the planet the past few days.  The humidity and heat are destroying my mind along with the thyroid thing.  

My visit to the doctor Tuesday was interesting.  Apparently my labs finally showed up the thyroid thingie to the point where they believed something MIGHT JUST BE WRONG, oh wow much! I insisted on the goal of having the rest of the useless junk out and being able to take medication and got her to admit that Anti depressants were dangerous to thyroid patients!  You CAN NOT take Levothy-whatsits and Anti-depression meds at the same time.  I want OFF this roller coaster! More blood work. >.<;; And a promise of finding yet another endocrinologist.  Mind you this was just the nurse practitioner, the doc's still convinced all I need is anti-depressants.

The Hubby's visit to the eye doc Wednesday has us all messed up appointment-wise again. I'm still trying to get the other surgeon to settle his appointments so we know when to get all his pre-op tests and NOW we are told he needs another surgery to scrap some junk off his retina from the last surgery.  OMG, GROSS!  But yeah, we're now running in two different directions and everything is up in the air until we get it sorted.  I can't even make my own appointments this month because of his or I'd be at a doctor's office more than I'd be home! And I don't think it's such a great idea to do so many surgeries on the same eye so close together, I mean, he should heal from the internal before they pop his eye out of the socket and do the external.  Odd how much he has in common with the dolls now.  O_o

Project wise, I'm catching up.  The detail work I've taken on is not easy with the heat and the thyroid bs going on, but I've been working each day and making progress, I just don't want to photo update until I've got something 'pretty' to show for it.  I'm also having a hard time finding the fabric I had put away for the 1/6 projects. This is what I get for 'organizing'. I remember distinctly seeing it and now can't remember where I organized it off to. I'm giving myself until Sunday to find it, then buying more.  (only to have it turn up after I spend the money).

Nearly forgot, I finished the July tutorial right on time yesterday!  Go me!  Now for the next month.  It'll turn up on BJDCollectasy soon.  

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