Saturday, July 18, 2015

Commission: Lils Girl's EID Girl Wardrobe

Lils Girl has commissioned a wardrobe for her gorgeous EID girl.  I have a deposit, her fitting shell, and will be working on sorting out all these really neat fabrics and going through her idea for clothing in the next month or so.  The Liberty Prints are just wonderful.  We'll be looking at fashions inspired by the 70's, (which were informed by the 30s and 60s,) but are definitely in the 20-teens modern line up.

 Lils Girl has plans for a BJD blog more fashion than fantasy style, so when she's ready to promote that, I'll be listing her blog here.  

I think it's true that a lot of fashion centric BJD fans get sidelined by the dominant Fantasy BJD trend.  Even the more realistic fashions of the Iplehouse and Freedom Teller lines are still sexist fantasy more than utile fashion. Fashion BJD fans, in my opinion, want the style of Fashion Dolls but are put off by the frozen faces and lack of poseability, while the majority of BJD still are deeply rooted in Fantasy.  Iplehouse and a few other companies are filling the need for more realism in Dolls while Soom's fantastic creatures are more 'realisitic' in their own right, but damned difficult to dress until you get the hang of their alien proportions.  Personally, I like to set my marker in the fine line between realism, and the fashion style manga artist use.  And I do like a well dressed kitty cat.  

Aug 29, 2015

I mailed back the loaned garments today after making some adjustments along with the fitting shell and patterns from the coat/skirt project.  I'll  be patterning this coming week, not that other projects are off the table. ^_^

Sept 27, 2015

After much fighting with the sewing machine, I have a check list for settings and sewing needles for each project and I"m currently doing everything that can use white thread first along with other customer's project so everything is in higgledy-piggledy piles of progress.  I do hope to get photos and a cost list up this week. O_o   Lesson learned: Universal is not really a needle that IS universal.  I wish they'd make sewing machine needle holders that just let you push a button and clip and unclip them rather than having to turn the machine upside down and use a tiny screwdriver.  21st century, is all I'm saying!

October 26, 2015

I could have sworn I posted an update a few weeks ago, but it's not here.  Maybe it didn't get saved or something, because of the laptop crash death thing.  O_o  Most of the problem was with the browser running slow and not loading, which is a processor problem.  Anyway, I said check back Sunday, then Hubby got ill with something Saturday and threw the whole weekend off.  He's much better this morning, thank goodness.  I have a few more things to do today, then I'll photograph progress and get down to all the buttons, beads and hand finishing. ^_^

Oct 27, 2015

Here's where I am today on the SID clothing (and the EID peasant blouse).  Just quicky crinkly working shots.  Saving the chiffon tunic for the last because of the handling issues, I'm down to hand sewing on beads and buttons and snaps on everything else, and trimming off the suede skirt to length on the doll once the waist band snap is on.  I'll get everything out and prettied up after a rinse wash and press for a final post in a day or two depending on the insanity around here.  ^_^

October 29, 2015  Finished!  

We had clouds, no clouds kind of lighting this after noon and it played havoc with the white knit, plus I noticed that after washing the points were out on the skirt kick pleat. I fixed that after photographing.  



Being a lovely soft drapey knit, it hates me.  It will look much
better ON a doll. 

I've never seen an asymmetrical skirt like this, it's really neat.

A little twist on the traditional broomstick skirt.
Knit fabric really doesn't like me.  As usual it looks much better ON.
Yes, yes I did obsessively line up the print. >.>;;  It's actually
quite easy once you ignore what your teachers tell you.
Pants! Some 1930's inspired/1970's style palazzo pants.  They are back in style! 

Chiffon Tunic (heart attack avoided, wonderful fabric to work with, it tailored just like plain cotton!)  The original didn't have buttons down the front, but on the cuffs.  I ended up putting another set of cuffs on with snaps because the fabric looks apt to fray in the button hole.  

Lace Set.  This lace was very nice to work with but a bit lumpy where I wanted to trim out the excess bulk in the seams.  It would have lead to more fraying and the seam coming out so I pressed the hell out of it and used a hook and eye at the skirt top.  They didn't have grey zippers at all, so I had to go with a beige neutral.  

The EID peasant blouse with SID suede skirt.  I've worked with faux suede before but this was very nice stuff.  The amount was just enough by a squeek and I used a thin lining for the waist band to cut down on bulk.  It top stitched like butter, much nicer than some of the stuff I've had to deal with before.  The one thing I had problems with was not being able to make the fabric loops for the bead buttons.  I went with hook and eyes behind the opening.  Every bit of the blouse fabric was used up, and I swiped some of the asymentrical skirt fabric to bind the neckline.  

So, along with fixing the kick pleat hem points on the white knit skirt, everything is ready to go, along with a muslin fitting pair of shorts for the EID girl to try on.  ^_^ 

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