Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Once Again, Life Has Interfered With My Reality

After over a week of ongoing problems we now resume a still slightly shaky attempt to keep up with things.  Hypothyroid and heat waves do not mix.  I get so nauseous it's either like being pregnant or seasick, take your pick, fainty, and so tired I can't keep awake even after 10 hours of sleep at night. Also over sensitive ear drums, inability to focus on thinking (they call it cloudy brain) cracking headaches and itchy dry skin.  It has leveled out now and I'm trying to get back on track.  I'm going to do my best this doctor's appointment to convince them that it would be better to just take out the miserable remaining half full of nodules and crud and just put me on the medication so it will be stable, rather than the up-down-up-down of having my mostly useless thyroid under and over achieving.

We did have rain last week (always when I have to go shopping on my bike with my carry cart!) but it was warm and annoying. I basically didn't even bother with more than a t-shirt and thin summer jeans, but yeah, drowned rat much?  All the flowers are in bloom and it was lovely otherwise.

The hubby has had some good luck finally.  Apparently Social Security has given up trying to locate our secret island in the Bahamas and vast wealth in overseas accounts (dear IRS/FBI/SS--oh my bad, I mean Social Security <---previous statement is sarcasm!  Sarcasm, an attempt at humorous snark.  Oh, just Google it! ) and has decided he actually IS handicapped.  So he got a half price bus pass good for the next 4.5 years from the one company that serves our area, and we're waiting on the one that serves where we actually need to go.  He's also back on track for his remaining eye surgery next month.  That's remaining surgery, not 'eye'.  And yeah, I'm a bit worried sick about them putting him completely under.  People who have had strokes can have some pretty awful things happen under anesthesia, but his was a brain bleed, not a heart, so yeah.  But I'm still worried, so there! 

So, back to sewing.  I'm hoping to get my current projects cleared by month's end, because next month (July) starts the seemingly endless round of hauling 230 pounds of man (175 lb) and wheel chair (55 lb) all over, up and down hill, to catch buses and go to doctor's appointments and a clinic appointment where we have been reminded to bring a lunch and water because "you know now how long is takes!" and me being even more exhausted and slowing things down.  However, my legs are now insanely muscular and I'm getting 'abs' for heaven's sake.

My next tutorial for BJDCollectasy is going to be a rather fun one, too.  

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