Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Tutorial and Stuff

The monthly tutorial thing is on track again and my latest how to is on BJDCollectasy, how to make a bath/beach robe. 

Look how nice and relaxed and natural the dolls look in the finished photos, thanks to M and her photography skills!  My photos are hours of angst and tears and omg, and basically nailing the dolls to the wall or carpet, and thanks to the manufacturers for how nice their art makes my sewing look. I think my dolls must get very frustrated with ME, judging by how at the end of our photo sessions they are just ready to quit before I am. It's probably just the elastic cords getting too warm from stretching or something, I'm sure there's some perfectly good scientific reason, but there's always a point where I look through the viewer and they are most definitely giving me the stink eye.

I have a series of tutorials planned now, for the first time in a year and a half, I have plans I'm pretty sure I can full-fill.  This is scary.  I've been off balance so long, it's weird to just stand still and not be wary of falling over on just one little thing in life. One little sense of security.

And now for something gruesome.  I've been trying to clean out my old laptop before it dies (I bought a desk top in 2012, no great problem) and found this photo I took a few years ago.  I was on my way out the door to work and this was on the wall beside our front door.

It was about 6 inches across as it stood, going by holding my hand over it, and the colors were mostly browns and greys a bit darker than the photo, but this was in morning sun with a cell phone.  And while this was taken with my cell phone, and it's very flat, in reality, that little alligator head mark at the top was enhanced by a sort of lizard shape in the body of the moth.  The alligator head was very detailed, right down to two little rounds where the 'eyes' were.  I wanted to go back in and get my real camera, but work was work, and I had to snap and go.  I've never been able to find out what the heck this was, and working at a college, I asked around the biology department and no one had seen anything like it before.  I think his final wingspread must have been at least a foot.  Basically, this moth looked like a flying lizard.  


  1. Some kind of hawkmoth? New Jersey has a lot of giant Mothra things, I like them a lot :D

    1. Could be! But it didn't have orange spots of any kind, and was twice as big. O_o Probably some mutation. But hanging around on a whiteish wall was probably not good for it. And I didn't want to bag and tag it, since it was so awesome.


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