Monday, June 8, 2015

Have You Checked out Aernath's Shirt Shack?

It's positively Tiki-lishious!

Aernath's Shirt Shack

All photos belong to Aernath and are items available in her shop!

I love these because they are so surfer dude!  Having spent the better part of my youth on the beach (and the other part in a pool hall, but hey) these are pretty darned authentic clothes for that retro look!  The proportions are perfect! (check the beachy hair!)  All these guys need is some sand and a board on a cord and they would be right there.  I'd date 'em.  In fact I married one, but hey....

This one reminds me of the sunset and the boards stacked on the beach.  

Very Tahitian bark cloth type print.
Someone's been lifting weights on Venice Beach
I think I used to work with this guy at Tower.
  Sort of scary how he looks so much like Mike. 

SRSLY!  I mean, you got to have this one or it's just not right.
  How awesome is this print in that proportion?  

And she does board shorts!  
So what the hell are you waiting for?  SURFS UP!  
Take the convertible!  

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