Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Etsy Summer Dresses Part 2

I finally got all the snaps on in the right places and this pattern is definitely a 'big' girl pattern.  This is meant to be a hot weather summer dress to start with, baggy and comfortable to let the air move around the upper torso.  I designed it during a heat wave here in California.  It's a simple shift top, with a full skirt, suitable for under corsets, over t-shirts with sleeves and blouses.  It needs either the contrasting belt or something fancier to control the fabric at the waist, but would not be suitable for an SD, SID, or EID girl with out 'substantial lung capacity' as a cousin of mine calls it.

I'm letting Fishcake have first pick of two of the dresses, (OMG I owe her so much in return gifting!)  then listing the remaining on Etsy.  ^_^

Next I'll be putting together the 1950s 'housewife' dresses we got cut out in early spring.  You know, the June Cleaver, Lucile Ball look stuff.  Pearl chokers, high heels and a vacuum cleaner; though Lucy always dressed a little more for 'battle' with head scarves and loose blouses and capries.  June was the over achiever.  Possibly had a bottle in the bottom drawer where the flour bin used to be.  


  1. You don't owe me anything for helping me clear out excess dolly stuff! But I would buy that brown dress and put it on my busty Nyid Gemma and accessorize with steampunk stuff!

    1. Is it really possible to have 'excess' dolly stuff? O_o



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