Friday, May 15, 2015

Skello's 1/6 Doll Comparison

I wanted to keep this separate from the commission order for two reasons. All in the first photo is Skello's property.  My Obitsu guy and my Volks/Obitsu Faux-moko are for comparison.  This way we have a record that's published on the internet and everything is accounted for.  And in case Canadian customs does something.  I've heard stories.  Like if you get too many packages in one week, they send their version of the FBI out to question you.
Gees, they'd be driven mad down here in the uncivilized boonies of California, with everyone ordering from Amazon (and the poor man's Amazon, Walmart >.<;; who actually--do a better job of it) almost every day.

Right click on the photos and open them in a new tab to see them full size, mostly 8 by 10 to what ever, for details.

The Very Cool body and her hand pack with the package items from Junkyspot (minus my little order of Obitsu N girl hands)  Candy vampire fangs (Emory always sends an amusing sweet.) and some gachapon.

Back sides. I didn't notice before but the Very Cool Body thighs have plugs like a Volks doll. Odd. Makes me wonder how her inner skeleton works for there to have to be screws hidden there. Obitsu seems to 'fake' hips by adding more width to the thighs. Look how tiny their 'butts' are compared to the Very Cool.  That's so odd, I just noticed it.  That's going to be interesting to put pants on. 

The Obitsu girlies have tiny feet, but the Volks too small shoes for my Volks girl were still too small for them. However, A pair of Barbie shoes fit right on them. To rubbery for her to stand up in though. I completely forgot to try the Obitsu high heels on her. I'll do that later if I can get them off Hikari-chan.
The little bitty eyes in the head with eye holes. This head is the one I thought "Misaki' the moment I saw her, because it has that slightly tough, serious girl look to her little face. The eyes are flat back and I was a bit worried until I popped her head cap off and looked inside. There are socket tubes, which I was able to pop the eyes into and push forward in the sockets with the back of a size 0 crochet hook. The angle of focus can be changed, too, but you'll need a metal flat bottom crochet hook. Anything else might break. It would be hard on a face up, too. The head is very flexible.  I put the heads (with eyes still in for safe shipping) in a baggie to keep them clean and safe.
OMG shoes. I put my Volks slim guy's foot there for the OMG-ness of it. Shoes should not be bigger than the doll's head. O_o

This one's blurry, sorry, I thought it looked good on the tiny camera screen (9 pm at night is no time for me to be playing with the camera!). Side views of the gals and Hikari for proportion. Note that the two Obitsu girls are the same size, but the way I had to stack them makes them look different size. She's still a bit thinner than the Obistu girls, but in between for the Very Cool and Obitsu hips.  

The Two Head pack, I did my best to show their facial features. It's the same head as I used for Faux-moko, without the hair rooted in. Darned nice little head, depending on the lighting and the paint job.  It can make a lot of expressions, and smile, frown or pout. It's a "pleasant" expression for the most part.  

My Volks sneakers (too small for the Volks boy doll they were bought for) for comparison to the Obitsu sneakers.

My suggestion after seeing the great way the Barbie shoes fit, get Barbie sneakers. This is actually quite awesome because there are Barbie shoes all over the place, even very fancy custom made ones on Etsy. Just make sure you aren't getting the Barbie 'Skipper' shoes. Sometimes people see the Barbie brand label and don't see the little "Skipper" size on them for her little sister. A lot of people buy Skipper stuff for their Momoko and Licca-chan so it can be confusing.

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