Sunday, May 10, 2015

Round of Of Minor News Around Here

Thanks to Fishcake and her splendiferous presie bomb, I will attempt to get my glasses frames laser welded this coming Tuesday.  No more postal tape in my peripheral vision.  Why do people always use band aids to fix their glasses temporarily anyway?  They look like hell and never hold.  I can understand using it to get home, but then Postal tape is clear and holds tighter.  However, neither of which, I might add, hold up to rain.  I will learn to wear my hat under my rain coat hood from now on, IN THIS DROUGHT. <---Sarcasm.

We're looking forward to our absolute favorite restaurant opening here in Upland along the bus route (dead car is dead for now) and will hopefully be celebrating the repair (of my glasses) there.   I've put the car repair aside for now and put more into the business, since all my recent income is more suited to re-investing in something that WILL work rather than something that MIGHT work.  I did not learn, with all the stress and at the time, a working car, that we need to renew the hubby's bus passes every six months.  No one told me this.  Why do they need a color photo on PHOTO paper?  Zombie printer is telling me while my legit color cart is half full, it will only print BLUE.  I'll have to stop at a Fed Ex and get a sheet printed up.  Cheaper at the blood money they ask (Staples is even worse!) than buying refill color inks, or even just a new cartridge.  This is a war between me and a certain company's printer, I will WIN.

I've restocked on 0.4 (6 mm) snaps but Judes never seems to have them in stock more than a few dozen at a time any more.  I have this pile of finished dresses and barely enough snaps to get them up on Etsy. And the other cut out pile is going to languish until I can get 3 dozen more, so I'm looking into bulk buying from over seas.  Snaps for life, I tell you.  But at 500 pairs, the way things are looking, maybe more like snaps for 6 months?  I'm still making up my mind.  It's that buying in bulk would bring them into Jude's nice low price range per dozen.  O_o I had no idea of how many snaps went into things before I started trying to make ready to wear things for the shop.  And I still need to go through and move the snaps up for the big bust pop open issue on my sleeveless summer dress line.  Which will happen at some point this month, because I have an over coat and a grad/prom type dress finishing this week for the 'big dolls' and then it's back to the small dolls. ^_^

I've also loaded up on size 9 to 11 microtex sewing machine needles, studs that might be uniform buttons, a few new feet for the machine, and other much needed sewing stuff.  There is nothing worse then breaking your last size 9 needle and having to use a size 12 on a 1/6 doll item.  It pushes the fabric down through the feed dog plate.  Another thing I've just about had it with is the instruction book with my machine says it takes #15 bobbins, but they sew like crap!  I finally put an old #66 I found in an old sewing project in and they work a hell of a lot better. This--is strange.  And ticks me off because when I bought this machine I purged my sewing kit of all 66 bobbins.  Handfulls.  Fortunately, I'm messy so yeah, handfuls in every old project box.  I'll toss the 15s up on the Hubby's Etsy under stash clearing at some point, along with some low shank feet that are actually too low for my machine.

Re the Etsy summer dress project: 'Factory' type work is boring.  Once this particular batch of ready to wear is done, I quit.  I might put stuff up randomly for various size dolls to just do the outfit, but no, no more ready to wear in bulk.  For one thing, I get custom orders and must spend time on them, and the ready to wear multiple same thing work falls to the side.  Ready to wear is too much like sweat shop work (been there, done that, did not even get the t-shirt, and yes, it is BRUTALLY soul sucking!) after the first totally cute dress is done. After that the special glow is off, the project becomes boring.

The 1/6 project is driving me nuts.  I need thinner, THINNER fabrics than even for the 1/4 dolls to look right.  However, I am currently beating up a poor innocent victim (Volks 1/6 dollfie 'Boyfriend') into a character the Hubby had his first man-crush on as a child.  See, there is a reason I married this guy.  It's called ANIME.  So far my only issue is beating the hair into place.  I'm about to get the GLUE out and give him a hair do.  (The Doll, not the hubby.)  I've already done my first ever re-root (ouch) to change the middle part to a side part on the already rooted Obitsu head.  I managed to use the left over hair from his hair cut, at about 4 inches long, and get it done anyway after a few false starts and lots of having the needle eye go back through my finger.  (what is this thing called 'thimbal' *eye roll*)  But he's got a serious case of rooster head going on no amount of Volks Water Wax and heat setting or long term wet set with tape seems to be curing.  With any luck this new skill will get my Tyler Tonner 'Gilda' her widow's peak hairline at some point this year.

I also have a Faux-moko girl now.  She needed a head for so long, I invested some income into getting her another head for her Volks Beauty B body.  I've always wanted a Momoko, but for the cost and the state of her body, nope.  I love her dearly but those ankles....  And with even her head going for $50 on Ebay, I'm like nope, I can paint that myself.  So you'll be seeing a bit of Faux-Moko around here soon too.

And finally, FINALLY got the Volume 3 of Makai Ishi Mephistopheles!  Kairi Shimotsuki delayed this thing for 2 years and it shows.  The backgrounds are no where near as lush, and when she normally does clothing, the details are insane (if you know Brave 10, you know what I mean, gorgeous stuff!).  Not only is the lace at the doctor's collar just lightly sketched in, the coat I'm in luuurve with, the kimono-trench coat the detective wears, is often missing its floral portions.  As for the story, I need to get out my dictionary and spend some quality time with it.  Much angst and traditional Japanese 'good' ending. Which means that the 'hero' suffers greatly, learns a karmactically improving lesson and dies, leaving everyone in tears and bravely carrying on.  I am so going to make that coat!  But I need a dreddy wig for my Toshiaki to cosplay Det. Kabane in his glorious Elvis worthy coat.  Do I angst over more fabulous goat hair or just CHEAT and use yarn? >.>;;

If you can ever have the opportunity to hold of a Raurencio Vincent (Now RSDOLL) head on the second hand, grab that thing!  His features are awesome for so many of the grown up manly anime/manga characters, though the company paint job makes him look like a tart and he looks much better on a 1/3 72cm body.  I did his face up, sealed it tight, then sketch his beards in with a water color pencil, so I can 'shave' him later.  The trick is to sketch very lightly with a damp point, because it tends to wear on the M.S.C.

I'll be putting up the '1/1 doll' photos on the human blog once the projects have been 'released' by their owners in a few weeks, so check my Dressing Cats blog around month's end.  ^_^  We don't want to show off either project until the owner has made their formal debut in the garments.

Random rant is over.  Moar coffee!!!!

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