Monday, May 11, 2015

Faux-moko, AKA Hikari-chan 1/6 Obitsu/Volks Hybred

I've been getting used to working with the very small dolls again and recently decided to get a head for my Volks old style Beauty B body (3 parts not the 2 part torso) so she could show off her clothes.

Faux-moko, my Hikari-chan

Real Momoko: Beach Angel edition
Momoko is a gorgeous little doll, but as I've mentioned before, with just the heads going for 50$, nope.  I haven't painted anything this tiny in a long time, but I decided what the heck, I can always scrape it off again, because now, I use scribbles to paint the vinyl dolls.  No bleeding. At all.  It's awful to work with and you have to work fast, plan on throwing out tiny brushes (or steal the cat's whiskers like I do, mwhahahahaaa)  and use an Xacto knife to clean off mistakes, but it works.   Still, smaller than a postage stamp.  And all my patterns are still coming out 1/8 to 1/4 inch too big, but if I make them smaller, they end up too tight to go on over her head, which is small for her body so I'm all flustered.  I seriously hate having to put openings in the back of a t-shirt.  

Obitsu W-02 has a very nice profile.

I also prefer the more normal (well, to a bjd person) ankles of a Volks doll to the Momoko's oddly fetlock-like-in-high-heels ankles.  While I would still consider buying the Momoko heads (you know, after I win a million in the lottery) I'd probably put them on Volks bodies.  For now, I seriously like the Obitsu head.  It's got a natural looking bone structure for one thing.  Momoko is killer-kawaii, but I have a feeling she's also like potato chips, or worse kittens!  If I fall and buy just one, I'll turn into a crazy collector with every edition or something.  She has so many variations in face, age from new teen to mature teen and OMG the clothing, so yeah.  Hence: Faux-moko.  

Her t-shirt is the first one I made ages ago.  I believe I got her tights from Junkyspot and they are like spun steel.  Years and still not a run.  I wish they made them in my size.  It's the same fabric we used in theater for 'nude' sections in costumes and cost something like 20-30 plus a yard ten years ago.  

She stands quite well without a stand, but I'm awfully shaky lately for some reason.  Hypothyroid, gotta love it, and can't pose any of my dolls.  Even Jiji was falling over and she has the balance of the gods normally.  Hikari's high heels are from Obitsu and fit nicely compared to the lack of fit from Volks shoes.  Every time I ordered shoes from them, I got ones that were WAY too small, and at the time I was ordering from Volks Japan, not USA.  The boy's shoes on the other hand run WAY tooo big!  I have a pair of lovely boots that ended up on my YoSD kiddo that were supposed to be for the 1/6 'boyfriend' doll'.  

I'm still working on the hair do on the guy doll.  He'll be up soon, though.  ^_^  

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