Saturday, July 4, 2015

Commission: For JRyu an AOD 1/4 girl Sukeban Outfit.

NOTE: Post moved up to make it easier to find.

Slated for starting very soon, but with a deadline of May 30 or less, (Yeah that worked out >.<;;)  a ganguro outfit based on being a very tough young lady.  Sukeban girls insist on being treated like a lady, or you'll pay the consequences.  The odd thing is, I was contacted about this order just after having read "Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno", a book on the various gang girl 'tribes' and their outfits.   So yes, this IS traditional Japanese clothing, in that the skirts were popular in the early 1900s, and again in the 1970s when maxi length was 'in'.

Deposit paid, awaiting measurements etc.  ^_^  The company ones look as usual, totally Whack.  The customer sent me the big three, and the hips are 1 cm bigger then the company page says.  That could have caused a huge problem if I weren't such a fuss budget about 'clean' measures from the actual doll. >.<;;

May 19, 2015

I've got the patterning done, the fabric is all washed and pre-shrunk, and I will be cutting out everything later this week.  I'm still looking into the kanji embroidery, but what color and type of flowers to use?  And what color thread for the kanji?  More later! ^_^

June 1, 2015

The skirt just needs the waistband put on, but this project is now top of the pile for this week.  Photos in a little bit.  ^_^

June 3, 2015

The skirt and scarf are done, and the white ribbon trim is on.  Chalk marks and other in progress stuff  in not the best photo.  We discussed a rolled up sleeve, but now I'm a little confused. Do we roll up the sleeve permanently or put the cuffs on and make it roll/not roll?  So, now I'm at the point where I have to finalize things to embroider because outside of sewing the shoulder seams, I need to do the embroidery before I assemble the top.  I'll be working on the designs the rest of this week.

July 4, 2015

It took me a while to find out and double check the text on all the japanese-english tranlation sites I could find, but it still might make a japanese speaker go "Hunh?" in some places.  However, it's legible.  So far I have Chiaki's one kanji name in the middle of her collar in gold, with the sakura blossoms chalked out, and "Death before Dishonor on one sleeve, and "My town, my family, my strength" on the other sleeve.  On the back will be a message about men and respect.  Once all the 'writing' is done, I"ll start on the flowers.  I'm going to go with making the sleeves full length with cuffs and then roll them up to show the flowers.  Because I can. ^_^  Bright light is making the fabric look lighter than it is, it's still very dark navy blue.

July 14, 2015

I keep looking at the dates and trying to figure out where I'm losing so much time!  So I'm done with the outer embroidery, I just need to adjust the neck opening to fit over the doll's head and then I can do the inner sleeve work and it's going to be done, in the next 2 weeks or less.  We have a LOT of doctor's appointments (more than anticipated due to lab work and junk!) this month.

July 20, 2015  Finished!

Keeping in mind that Kiki is a different body, but still MSD, with things bigger or smaller here and there, ^_^  Her head is 2 cm smaller, and the collar is meant to go over 21 cm, her shoulders are 2 CM narrower, waist bigger (skirt is pinned on) and she's a bit shorter.

It might be a bit off thanks to Google, but: 
               The right sleeve says: My town, my family, my strength.

Her silk scarf needs a bit of shaping, basically get it wet, put a little spray starch on it, let it dry crunched to hang right.  Right now it's pressed flat and has attitude.  Her front modesty piece can be folded down inside and the scarf can be knotted over the scarf loop.  I went with false rolled up sleeves after all, because putting on cuffs would have meant some heavy bulk.  

The left sleeve says: Death before Dishoner. 

Her collar has the one kanji in gold for her name, Chikara (strength)
The back says: A man stands beside his woman, not in front of or behind her, which is the Sukeban philosophy that a woman is as good as a man, and a man should be as good as a woman.  IE, not protect her, or hide behind her.

Everything needs tidying up and a press, but it's ready to be shipped this week, baring complications with the surgery stuff.

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