Thursday, July 2, 2015

Commission: For Eric, David and Venitu, Cowboys

NOTE: Post moved up to make it easier to find.  July 4, 2015

This is going to be brilliant!  First of all, gorgeous dolls, classic works of art, and then the awesomeness of cowboys.  If you've seen the David I made a classical Japanese outfit before, this is the guy.  Working with a fellow doll artist is pretty much a major high for me.  It's better than working with some actor in theater. >.>;;  Anyway, I've got the fabric photos and a deposit to start on, and we're looking at the last two week of May, plus. I'm going to have to make muslins for the jeans and test fit on this one.  With the dolls involved, we want those jeans to fit just right.  Two shirts, one with piping, pearl buttons snaps, one pair of new blue jeans, one pair of old blue jeans.  I can't wait to see the custom boots and things being made for the dolls!

May 19, 2015

I finally got down to patterning yesterday and had a look at what I had.  The blue faux silk I got looks very good with the oak blue on white pattern, and I'm surprised at how beautifully printed the fabric is. I would have sworn the striped fabric was woven!  None of my patterns fit these big boys, so I need to do some clean patterning for the shirts and I need to know if the larger hip size is mostly in the gluteous maximus on these guys.  I'll be sending out muslin tests for the jeans (well, shorts to save shipping).  Photos in a few days of the design process.  

May 23, 2015

I've got the shirts cut out, and the muslin test fitting pants ready to sew.  Photos after some machine time! I'm trying out something different with the pipping, rather than the usual bias strips, pin, baste sew thing.  It might work, or I might shoot myself in the hypothetical foot.  I should be mailing out the muslins for the test fitting Monday.  I want to send some snips of the denim I plan to use with the shirt scrap to get a yes/no vote on it.  Also the hubby and I are having a contretemps on the stripe shirt button color.  I'll put them all on the fabric and photo later.  It's such a bright print, and I'm no good with color that isn't 'camoflage', he's the color go to guy.  >.<;;  

July 4, 2015  

So, things are finally moving a little more swiftly again now that we are having a bit of a break from the really bad heat.  The piping gave me the most trouble, I had to recut things, and tried three times to find the best way to do the minute piping and get some sharp points.  I ended up doing it all by hand and pre-shaped.  Right now everything needs a good press, and the 'smile' pockets are still in the piping stage.  My inspiration was the edges of the oak leaves.  

The stripes are so awesome, I love this shirt!  It just needs the collar hand finished and the buttons and holes.  The thing being, what color buttons? O_o  I'm going to lay out all the colors I have later and see which look best. 

The lighting isn't too great, but the dark is the real indigo blue, and the light is the faded denim. Both are the lightest weight denims available without getting into Chambre or printed cotton fake denim.

July 14, 2015

I finally managed to match the piping color with floss so I can finish the 'smile' pockets on the blue and white shirt!  O_O  Things should progress more quickly these next few weeks.  

August 28, 2015  

After a few false finishes (mismatched buttons to holes, adjusting the shirt hems) I'm finally happy with the results.  Piping on doll shirts is a thing I will have to practice more.  I thought, oh it's piping, easy, but not this tiny, and wanting the nice sharp points.  I did find out some information on making very sharp, tiny points on piping but by then it was too late.  I'll have to do what I did with the vynal stuff, sample, sample, sample practice.  

Blurry photos are blurry, damn it.  

David Kunci Pants

Venitu Pants

I'd love to find fabric and make a few of these for ME!

And here's where the omg! shows up, note the mismatched buttons
making the whole front off kilter. >.<;;  I put them on before I
sewed the holes.  I should have known that when the machine behaves, it was
because something was going to go wrong!  

Plain white shirt, with step collar.

It does match up just not when I was photographing it.
Photo at night, under lightbulb with flash, naturally
it photographed dark in one and too bright in the other, same
lighting, same setting. O_o 

My goal was to match the oak leaves in the 'western' part of the
yoke and cuffs.  My first ever pair of "smile" pockets.  I only wrecked ONE
of the pearl buttons with the clamper thingie, used a pliers for the rest.
(replaced the wrecked one!)

These photos should be large enough to see in another tab. O_o 

And I went a little nuts and made something 'western' just to see if I could go it.  The pocket to hand ratio on BJDs really made that tricky, so I hope that the items work the way they should.  We'll see.

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