Friday, May 22, 2015

Commission: Fishcake's Granado SD 1760s Naval Britches

Three pairs of 'modernized' for BJDs navy uniform britches.  Something to this effect.  My computer crashed (power outage, battery out of laptop to spare the charger) after I got the images from Pinterest (finally) and I lost the links.  A bit tired, so I'll try to find the links again later this weekend (if I don't completely forget).  Paid in full.

Edited: Links up to Micheal Well's 18 Century Pinterest, very informative and fun!

Wig: Check; Face Powder: Check;  Poofy shirt: Check; Silk stockings: Check.
Now, off to conquer the world!
  Oh, how far we've come from Alexander the Great's kicky little miniskirts, no?
Fashion: It has a LOT to answer for.
Link To the original poster.

I'm going to get the spirit of the originals into the design.
Link to the original poster

She sent along a pair of pants in her boy's size to pattern from, so this should be up and running by the end of next week.  I have to get the gentleman's pants back to him.  It's cold back there. 

I'm really hoping that by the time the new pants are ready to go, the flat round studs I ordered will be here from some place in Thailand, bought through Etsy.  Oddly I found out while researching this that they did the same thing back then that I was thinking of now: cover buttons with the studs and make shank buttons that way.  Apparently they 'clad' bone or horn buttons with brass caps to make the military buttons.  Nothing is ever really new in fashion, is it?  

May 25, 2015

I was just barreling along yesterday and suddenly my sewing machine decided it was quitting time.  Gave it a good cleaning this morning.  I realized, DUH, today is a no mail day.  And the stuff I ordered is supposed to take 9 to 17 days and tomorrow is day 17, so I'm waiting until AFTER the mail comes Wednesday to sent the pants out.  I'm really hoping that the studs show up, because they would be perfect for the brass buttons.  

While patterning these I found out something yet again about the 18th century and its relation to modern patterning.  The way the tops are constructed is a pre-curser to the all the way across reinforcement pocket set up on truly tailored men's slacks, as well as "tummy control" panels in women's pants.  The 'pockets' facing that goes all the way across the top of a pair of slacks (gone now for the most part in attempts to make cheaper and cheaper garments that cost more) is almost the same pattern piece that makes the top of the 18th C breeches. 

May 26, 2015

I found out what was wrong with the blasted sewing machine.  The plastic bobbin I test ran before sewing and sewed the first layer of seams so well had managed to get a nick in it or fractured or something.  Next time the minute the machine acts up, I toss the bobbin!  Two days for a one day project.  Not happening again.  I guess the old bobbins I found were fragile.  Still, Problem Solved.  
And happy happy joy joy, I was right!  The studs came today!  They don't fit over the buttons I was hoping they would but they are good for elastic waists and over snaps so yeah, I festooned the navy britches with a modest amount.  Tomorrow I'll make a clean pattern and send everything off in a priority box with a sign for on it.  


back etc
May 27, 2015  In the mail!


  1. OOoo that is such a *great* ref (that is a lieutenant's uniform) and I am so happy with the breeches ( and they go on easy) The little studs give it a bit of snazz that my original plain ones didn't have, too! Thank you again!!

    1. Thank you, for letting me play around with something new! I'm just glad I was right about the timing on the studs order. Keeping one's fingers crossed for 24 hours is never a good thing!


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