Thursday, May 14, 2015

And Now Back To Dolls!

Happy to say I seem to be done with the people sewing projects.  I don't know what's more nerve wracking.  Waiting for someone to get their doll outfit and see if it fits and looks the way they expected or waiting while someone is putting on the dress or something I made for them to find out if it's fitting correctly and they are happy with it.  Both!

I'm always so tense, so nervous when I'm waiting to find out if the customer is happy.  Mainly because I'm very picky and sometimes, very, very hard on myself.  Plus the drought seems to be progressing here in California (Sarcasm).  We've had pouring rain today but none of the threatened thunderstorms, although Google and all things Google have been messing up all day.  And I'm the type who gets cracking headaches when it's going to thunder or the atmospheric what ever is acting up.

So, now I'm back to dolls for the next four plus weeks or so, with the Cowboys project, the Japanese Schoolgirl Gangster project and the 1/6 anime character projects.  I've spent the past two weeks online searching for rivets and things for more realism. I'm looking forward to getting the flat round studs in hopes of making them work for military buttons and so forth.  Where do those Asian companies get their military buttons.  I always see the most amazing buttons on stuff from China and Korea.  They are boggarting the buttons, man, not cool!  I'll have to start playing around with the soldering iron that came in the hubby's wood burning kit.  (When I'm not using the little iron like point for--guess it!--an iron.

Aileens glue and a bit of water and a good stiff brush and very fine comb seem to be the only way to get 1/6 Action/Fashion type doll's hair to stay in a style.

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