Thursday, April 2, 2015

Etsy Project Plateau

There comes a time when you realize you've bitten off too much.  When we were cutting out all these dresses and tops, I thought, Oh, I can finish these in one day.  Nope.  I just hit the part where the ironing begins and decided enh, there's always tomorrow.

I stood on my very tippy toe and reached way up to get almost all of the loaded board in the camera, and one dress is still in the box because I didn't have any 'rust' color thread.  I've got sleeveless scoop neck dresses, and 50s rock-a-billy dresses, and one more top in the pink floral print.  (And STILL my remnant stash drawer has to be beaten down to be able to close it!)  I have to go shopping for that thread tomorrow.  And my tiny snaps order should be in the mail box today.

Thank goodness for Designs by Jude.  Always prompt, always the right size, and I've never gone to find them out of snaps, though I should have checked the Etsy shop first for the hooks and eyes their dot com was out of.  But I hope they are going to keep up with restocking, because I'm depending on them, and I hope that others do too.  The zippers and buttons are very nice, and the snaps aren't all mashed like the store on a card ones can be sometimes.  I have maybe one of their patterns I've used at a customer's request and it was very nice.

I forgot I got this shot Tuesday when this all started.  I had a few more dresses I wanted to cut bits and pieces for, and everything was on the table.  I went to get a coffee and when I came back, the project box was full again.

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