Sunday, April 19, 2015

Car Dead as Nails

We replaced the starter, and took the core refund to buy a starter relay.  Car cranks but doesn't start.  We have problems.  We need a new battery.  And after that, it might be the fuel injection system.

Basically, I'm going to end up registering the car as non-running this July when the registration runs out.  That means a lot of my energy is going to go into getting to and from.  Work loads will slow down until I get a hold on my schedule   I've been riding my bike for months now and believe me, it doesn't mean I'm getting any healthier or more muscular or faster.  It just means I spend more time sucking up car fumes, using my asthma inhaler and having one hell of a sore bum.  However, I do have orders and if we take it slow and I don't lose my mind and go all global red alert fail misery on it, we have nothing to do BUT work on it ourselves until it's running again.

So yeah.  Whoopie skip.

When did stores develop this annoying habit of instantly ringing up the part they think you need and then standing there expecting you to just fork over the money.  This is so annoying.  First of all, they ring up the highest price part they can, then when you ask them what's the cheapest part, they argue with you, then cave in and while answering you, ring that part up before you can say "I'll be back later".  I guess that's the next best thing to knocking you on the head, taking your money and putting the item in your hand and leaving you on the kerb?

I have a load of snaps to move (bust gap on the big girls and I was like woah, did not see that coming..O_o) and then 7 sleeveless dresses to list on Etsy for the SD size girls.  Snaps, tiny little pop out of your fingers and go flying to never be found again snaps.  I'd rather be working on the car sometimes. LOL *sob*

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