Saturday, March 21, 2015

Weekends Around Here

One of my New Year Resolutions was to let myself take weekends off, no matter what.  It took me two months to get that down, but it's still a matter of "Zomg stress! I need to (insert thing I think I need to do, but if I were not self employed would have to wait till Monday, or be paid over time for, if you get the drift of that)."  One of the big problems with being self-employed is not giving one's self down time, to let go, to do other things that have been piling up.  And to do so guilt free, knowing that the other thing will still be there during 'business hours'.  It's helping me get my mojo back to make myself step away from the business. I've got a lot of creativity back just from making myself NOT work on things.

Saturdays are morning: half the flat clean; afternoon: my doll projects.  Sundays are morning: other half the house clean; afternoon: personal sewing projects.  So this morning I get out the vacuum cleaner and start on the back end of the flat.  Tama, who was in his bed by the sliding glass door, flees for his little life.  Because after more than six years of living with this, he still doesn't understand that I will not vac him up, never to be seen again.  O_o  OR maybe it's because the vac has a tendency to catch on fire?  (Well, it did last week, but I fixed that!)

So we found his new 'safe' spot in the living/sewing room.  Behind the sofa.

Before I got the camera out, and we started laughing at him, he was squooched up in that little space as far back as possible with his butt further up the wall and his face down on his paws.  It had taken me a random 20 minutes to find him after putting the vac away.  We always give him cat nip after the vacuuming or his claw clipping, so he knows when we get the little plastic tub of dried stuff out, it's safe.

However, he has been known in the past to sleep with the enemy: 

Our old Sony canister vac on the cell phone. 


  1. He's so cute! I don't know why cats hate the machine so much, but they do. Mine has figured out they stay on the floor so she just goes vertical, but she's never slept cutely with it!

    1. He's a weirdo, that's for certain. He doesn't like the mop, the hand held steam cleaner, or the iron, either. But he has no problem with water. His favorite toys are ice cubes and having the tap left on drip in the tub.


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