Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thanks, Flickr. Spleh to You, Too!

Someone favorited my Flickr account and I got an email about it.  Despite having my account name, which it tells me is Taken half the time and Available the other half, and my pass word, I can't access my account.  The only 'help' I can find is a list of sentences that cycle right back to "enter your account name" and that's the problem!  Sure, I'll waste hours of my time sorting this out.  Not. *eye roll* what ever.

I'm done with Flickr, obviously.  Having been done with them years ago, due to the problems they created, there's not point in fighting with them for hours and days to get my account back. PhotoBucket is better anyway. I suppose now that my account has been 'abandoned', someone will start using my photos as their own or something idiotic like that.  And the ones of my friend's dolls belong to her.  I was given permission to show off her Voice of Angel doll.  Crappy thing is those are the links to my custom shop portfolio on Den of Angels.  I'll have to deal with that soon.

More appointments, Car won't start, Bus isn't worth it (how can we save up for a new starter with all the money is going on the bus?), what a week!  And it's only Tuesday! *head desk* I'm working on the dresses for the Etsy shop in between everything else.  The first batch should be up in a week or two.

EDIT: So Flickr finally lets me in, then keeps screwing me over, making a new account every time I sign in!  I quit.  Not even trying any more.  To hell with it!


  1. What is your flickr name? I can go out and do screen shots if you need to retrieve something. Also nothing seems to work with Firefox anymore--I have to use Chrome now to get into things. Even PayPal is a little wonky.

    1. SewingBoxDesigns. That's why I'm so bitter. I have all the photos in the original file, I just wish I could log in and delete my account with them. I suppose it's better to just leave it up and let it go the way of all things, after all, my shop name is still on it.
      I mainly use the original chrome, Iron, but I switch to Chrome for things that Iron isn't updated to use.
      What really irks me is that I have to comment in Anonymous to even show up on my own blog posts! But that's google. Google sites are the only ones I get security and certificate expired warnings on, too. That and the government sites, LOL!


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