Monday, March 2, 2015

Piles of Dresses for The Etsy Shop

We spent Saturday planning and adjusting patterns, and sorting out fabrics to cut out doll dresses and modifying the patterns for some tops as well for the Etsy shop.  When it will all get sewn up is another matter, because wasn't I supposed to be working on sewing up the UFO pile?  But all this cold weather has got me thinking Spring/Summer Dress Sale, and to do that, I have to have dresses! And de-stashing my hoard of fat quarters is a valid part of the Big Clean Up.  Of course it's only adding to the over flowing doll quilt stash with the scraps, but we have a 1 1/2" square rule so anything under that goes.

After a dedicated week of hard work and merciless throwing things away, the living room is now live-able.  The dark secret is that my sewing drawers are still a jumbled mess inside.  However, there is nothing but sewing stuff in them, not the combination office desk/sewing/tool box/cat toys/what ever could be stuffed in them when we moved mess.  I had liked my little cubby corner arrangement before, but once again, the lighting sucked.   I was so happy with all the light from the windows, but it's proved overwhelming from both front and sides.  I'm much better off with it bouncing off the wall.  And having the open space makes 2/3s of the living room much more like having my previous sewing room all to myself again. Plenty of room for my ironing board and cutting table when I unfold them.  I just need to get some new covers made for the ironing board and machines. Fishcake might recognize some of the fabric she sent me, which was perfect for making project files! And I've moved everyone into the bedroom but the dolls doing modeling duty for the day.

There's also a window from behind the camera and this was taken with natural lighting.
Blinds closed, reasonable.

Front blinds closed, side blinds even slightly open, KLIEG LIGHTS!  

We've got chilling rain again despite the morning sun. It's like, Okay Winter is over, Yay!  One month of sunny weather, open windows and enjoying lovely walks with the flowers all blooming and everything green.  Now it's Haha, back to Winter; put the extra blankets back on the bed, drag out the big bulky sweaters, wool socks and get the space heaters back out of the garage, fooled you!  The cat is not happy.  He keeps trying to sleep in his happy spot and ends up curled up freezing, so I have to move him under his blankie for his own sanity.  

You do realize there was a short period of unusually warmer weather before the last micro-ice age, don't you?  >.<;;  Both the warming and global minimum had an interesting effect on fashion (and bathing or the lack of interest in it) in Europe and the demands on textiles, which is why I'm aware of it.  I need to finish my knitting projects! 


  1. Everything looks so neat and organized! Definitely an inspiration--I keep saying as soon as it warms up I am cleaning. At this rate it will be June.

  2. The trick is to keep it neat and tidy now. I just have to get good habits back now and tidy up every night after work. And this way the hubby can get his chair with in reach of things, too.


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