Monday, March 9, 2015

Commission: Lilsgirl EID Girl Coat

3/12/15 Edit: We're adding a pencil skirt and possible blouse to the order. ^_^

A classic design that's been iconic since the 1920s; the simplicity of a straight out torso and arms combined with a shawl collar lending itself to all kinds of fabric and accenting trims.  Literally, the fabric makes the coat.  In this case we're going with a leopard print heavy velvet.  I asked for and received a sample swatch first before agreeing, not wanting to disappoint because 'upholstery' fabric has a very wide range of thicknesses.  Lilsgirl sent a fitting shell (made like a boss!) of her EID girl and is now on the 10% off , free shipping list for any of her EID girl clothing.  Deposit paid, waiting on measurement chart, and desired hem length.  Estimated project time, two weeks or less.

Customer's example image.
March 9, 2015 Update
The fabric and buttons and lining have safely arrived! Further updates will be under the cut link at the bottom of the same post.

March 12, 2015

Okay, the fabric is washed, and I've started the patterning.  I took a good long look at the differences between an SID and EID, and the length changes seem to be in the usual places, slipped into the legs and a bit into the torso and the rest in the neck.  The width changes are pretty much a cm here and there all over, so I can get a visual on the patterning on my SID Karin.  Here's the rough coat front, and I marked where things need to be smoothed out for correction.  Clicking on the photos opens them up in a new window where you can see the usually 8 by 10 size one. You'll see a + or - if you mouse over the picture, and it will enlarge or decrease.

 Because it's a coat, I'm fitting it over what Karin is so reluctantly wearing.  She's still hating me for those lime green sneakers, *snicker*.  I've got a grocery run on the bicycle to make again tomorrow, so I'll probably only finish the coat and skirt patterning tomorrow, and do the paper towel toil fitting on Monday.

March 15, 2015

Re the Skirt, sample photos of the style.  The addition of the skirt might make the project take a bit longer than 2 weeks, but let's see how the week goes.  And of course if we do a blouse too, that would be another week or less. I'm not anticipating any power outages in the current heat wave, but I have 3 doctor's appointments this week and all of them a long distance bike ride.

Alexander McQueen.  Note kick pleat comes just up to mid-thigh.

Alexander McQueen
March 17, 2015

I've been running to appointments, quite literally running. My bike tire was flat this morning and I had to race to the doctor's up the street.  Tomorrow I've got a long ride, but the tire has been fixed.  Everything is cut out with allowance for extra on sleeves and hems until things are sorted.  The lining keeps sliding like crazy along the velveteen, lots of hand basting, but I'm happy with the over all project.  It's just going to be a week more than anticipated, because of the blasted car not running and all the energy going into bike riding/walking.  If I could just stay home ONE day, the skirt and jacket would be done. Maybe Thursday or Saturday. I have the BJDCollectasy tutorial to do this weekend so Friday is my omg catch up day.

March 26, 2015

Sorry this is taking so long, but with all the measurement questions, then personal things mucking up (doctors and my munched back disk again) and the heat wave, I'm falling behind.  I'll have update photos tomorrow, and I've determined to have the coat and skirt done by next Monday.  We can discus the blouse then; whether to make it and ship all three together or ship the skirt and coat and make the blouse after?  That sort of thing.

March 30, 2015

After the hot weather and everything else, I'm finally done with the jacket and skirt!  Keeping in mind that Karin is an SID not the EID size, the outfit, which is bulky to start with, is a bit big.  And she who is never happy, is still stuck in lime green sneakers.  The blouse is one from the Etsy batch I'm making up.  I was going to go with the end of the finger tips for the coat, but it looked oddly short.  If the customer would like it shorter than it is, let me know, it's a very easy fix.  It's 2 cms shorter than the skirt at 22 cms.

I'm not sure how the photos look because I'm using this too bright laptop we just got the replacement charger for.  If I darken them up too much, they might come out too dark, so I just auto adjusted for the daylight coming in the window.  In reality, it's pretty cute, but over sized on Karin, well, she's buried in a big sister's clothing!

The hips and back sides of the EID are more 'statuesque'
 than the SID so the skirt looks over large here more than the coat.

All in all, the only thing I had a bit of trouble with was that the fake fur, a wonderfully plush upholstery fabric, had a no slip backing on it.  It gave me a bit of grief not sliding on the machine, and I had to watch my iron and use a cloth so that it wouldn't stick, but it was fine.  I used a couple of beads and a ribbon lop for the closure.  The beads can easily be changed for something more dramatic. I did a bit of hunting on Etsy and couldn't find 'fang' toggles the right size, but there's always something out there in the bead section, just too many thousands to sort through.

Because I know from previous emails with Lilsgirl that she was having some very unfortunate family health issues, I've set the outfit and fabric aside and will await her having time to get back to me with the blouse and balance and all that.  From what little I know, I can only send good thoughts and best wishes.  Sometimes you have to narrow down focus and deal with the 'realness' of reality, not just add it to a list of things already there.  

April 19th 2015

After a series of unfortunate events even Lemony Snickets or however you spell it would boggle at, I'm just about back on track.  We're working on a long sleeved blouse in the striped lining fabric, which I hope to get done with in the coming two weeks or less.  It depends on how insane things get without a car.

April 26, 2015

The blouse is on the work table now.  I just need to juggle it with the formal people dress I'm fitting tomorrow, and get over a lung thingie that seems to be alergies or something.  Everything is paid up in full and I'll be shipping out the left over fabric and finished items on May 8 at the customer's request for delayed shipping.

May 9, 2015

Photos of the finished blouse and the package was shipped yesterday as per customer's instructions.  It will take about a week according to the post office.

Now, this fabric.  Is a. Pain. In. The. Butt.  It will not hold a press.  I thought, oh, it made such a nice lining, no problem with the blouse.  Wrong!  slippery, I had to baste everything and even then, it slipped.  I pressed it with a press cloth, with vinegar water, and still it would not hold a knife edge press.  However, the blouse did come out quite nice.  

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