Saturday, March 14, 2015

Arm Measuring: Why I Say Do It MY Way

This is the problem I've had over the past year and a half.  Not any more, because it's caused by the customer not understanding the instructions.

I had to clarify my shoulder width instructions with a photo.  Now I'm clarifying "Arm (length, from armpit to beginning curve of palm at thumb)" with a photo.

I'm using an SID girl as an example.  The Iplehouse measurement listings on Den of Angels puts this at 19.5 cm.  Yep, it's 19.5 IF you measure OVER, from the armhole top to the base of the thumb with the doll's arm straight out from her shoulder. I'm using a ruler here so I can take the photo and show it clearly, but I prefer the tape for accuracy.

But I've had arm lengths that must have been taken like this.  It's the only way to explain what happened. 

But if you measure with her arm down, now her arm is 20cms! 

THIS is what I'm asking for! 

You see how that works?  If you measure the way I ask for, from the armpit to the base of the thumb, it's going to be the right measure for what I'm using it for, no matter what, up, out or down, the length is the same.  It's also 18.5 cm, which means if you told me 19.5, it's going to be too long!  If you got your measurements by reading a chart some where, how do you know HOW the doll was measured?  Over, under, copy pasted from the company?  You don't know unless it's stated on the chart you found!  And then guess what?  Your sleeve is either too long or too short.  

I say, measure your doll, fill out my chart.  These are the measurements I use for a reason.  I'm the one doing the patterning and sewing here!  I'm the one who needs the specific information I require to do the project right and have it fit right.  If you copy paste rather than measure your doll, I'm going to use those measurements and if it doesn't fit, you're going to have to sit down and think about it. 

If you need measurements and don't have the doll yet, ask someone who has the doll to help you out.  I can't remember how often I've fact checked wack measures on Den of Angels and someone has been nice enough to take their doll and measure for me when a customer doesn't have the doll yet and is ordering an outfit in advance.  I can't do this any more, I don't have the time.  It's your doll, you are responsible for the  measurements.  A tape measure is not rocket science, and they cost as little as 50 cents!  And if I measure a sleeve and you'd told me 18cm, it's going to be 18 cm.  

And another thing: 

Slapping a naked doll down next to a ruler and taking a photograph and telling me to do all the work from that, nope.  I've done that, it cost me 3 free hours of online research and squinting and it's totally inaccurate and the 'customer' never followed through on the order.  Think about that.  Would you work 3 hours for free for your boss and expect not to be paid?  Um--yeah---not doing that any more.  Your job not mine.  Unless you want to start paying an extra fee in your orders.  Remember, when I'm contacted about an order, I do about 3 to 4 hours research FREE anyway, before I say yes or no.  

Please, just measure the doll exactly as I ask.  UNDER THE ARM TO THE BASE OF THE PALM.  Yes, I'm yelling, because my chart has been up there for 3 years now.  If you have doubts or questions and need a little advice, email me!  But please, measure properly!  Save us both the agony! 

Thank you.  Rant over.  I expect from now on, all sleeves will be PERFECT the first time I make them.  

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