Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wrapping Up A Couple of Orders

I'm just about finished with Fishcake and Aernaths' kimono orders. The doctors appointments are driving me insane, and they seem to think you will just drop everything and be here and there and everywhere, to sit for hours past the time. Yesterday we had to go to an appointment that had been set for a month only to find out that we never got the phone call OR the letter in the mail letting us know there had been a change. (And we just found out that they hadn't gotten his Eco-cardio thing after 3 weeks!)  Then I got a call telling me my appointment for 10 am this morning was moved to 10:45 and after I got there, I had to sit for nearly an hour before going up and asking what the heck?  I'll finish up the last bit of sewing today and start the photographing tomorrow, so there should be photos up by Pacific time evening.  I'll up date the post dates so that they will be above this post. I want to do some very nice photos for a change, not just bang it's done, packed and go.

In the meantime, I'm a bit happy that the doctor's people are getting that 'crazed look' in their eyes when they find out someone sews.  Some mention of uniforms was made by the staff to the doctor.  I should probably beat up my printer and make it print me some business cards!
(Maybe then I'll remember my own phone number. >.<;;)

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